10 Summery Watermelon DIY Ideas

10 Summery Watermelon DIY Ideas

A few weeks ago we brought home our first watermelon of the season from the market! And, yes, that’s worthy of exclamation point level excitement because I really love watermelon. (So does our lovable old black lab Nina, for the record. She eats it dantily off the rind just like a human. But we’ll save that gushing for another day.) Watermelon to me is just one of those things that just feels like summer. I love watermelon sliced up the classic way, tossed on top of salads, or blended up into cocktails. But what about watermelon inspired pi├▒atas, party hats and serving trays? Yeah, those are awesome, too.

Ready to usher in the summer sunshine? Click through for 10 of the juciest watermelon DIY ideas perfect for summer!

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