Six Pretty Wedding Hair and Makeup Looks

This weekend I’m so excited to be playing bridesmaid alongside one of my very best friends as she gets married! She’s going to make the most beautiful bride and I’m so honored to be a part of the celebration. Bonus! She’s actually marrying one of my very handsome cousins so this weekend is going to be truly special. Of course, as we ladies tend to do, we’ve been talking about hair and makeup on the regular lately as we head into the wedding weekend. I’m still deciding how I want to do with my hair in particular. It has gotten so long! Playing with long and loose waves might be fun, but if the humidity cranks into high gear I’m thinking a loose and elegant French twist or chignon might be the answer. For makeup I’m thinking of keeping it neutral, but playing things up with a pretty bold liner and maybe fake lashes. It’s fun to switch things up for a special occasion now and again, don’t you think? At any rate, here are six pretty wedding hair and makeup looks I’m loving at the moment. Any favorites?

6 Pretty Wedding Hair and Makeup Looks

[1: 5-minute face makeup tutorial | 2: Romantic side braid | 3: Eyeshadow by eye color | 4: Twist braid tutorial | 5: Simple French twist | 6: Bold red lip.]




Number 4 without any hésitation !

Natalie Hunt

#2 OR #4


Those are my favorites, too, Natalie! I think they’re so pretty!


I loooove 4, Milyak! I might just give it a try ;-)

I absolutely love #2, but realistically I wonder how much hair you would need to pull it off. My hair is long but its thin so I’m not sure I have the volume to create that look. It is completely gorgeous though!

xo Rachel


Oooh, they’re all so pretty! Although, I would have to say i’m personally loving #5 and #6.

3 is elegant but 2 is my fave x

i love love LOVE look 3! wow! simple but elegant.

Love #4 and equally the make up for #6! great styles that won’t date and are very flattering too :)

I love #4! They’re all such lovely styles!

I love them all, maybe I should try some

Love them all! My favourite is number 4!

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