Pretty for Spring: Glitter Nails

Approximately 100% of the time you’ll find me sporting bare nails. Between crafting, working with power tools and, as of late, painting what feels like around the clock, I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that my nails just aren’t cut out to look pretty. Also, I have freakishly long fingers and sometimes I feel like nail polish makes me look like a drag queen. (Which is kind of awesome in it’s own right, only not really when you’re a lady.) That said, tomorrow B’s sister and I have a mani/pedi date and I am all levels of obsessed with soft pastel, glittery nails for spring. I just think the look is really fun! So maybe I’ll give it a try? (Although that pretty much guarantees I’ll be removing it by, oh, about noon on Saturday when it’s inevitably already chipped or looking a fright.) If you’re loving glitter nails, too, check out these fun tutorials!

Pretty for Spring: Glitter Nails

[Glitter Nail Tutorials | 1: Creature Comforts | 2: Creature Comforts | 3: Charles Vintage | 4: Love Maegan |5: Makeup Savvy | 6: Hello Giggles.]




I love the glitter nails, too! :-)

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