Nice Stems: DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

by Chelsea Costa

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

Even though this month’s floral DIY is teeny tiny, it’s making me hugely happy. This one is such a simple, super-fast addition to a tabletop or party. They’ll literally take you about 5 minutes, and pretty much anyone can do it. Plus, they’re perfect for everything from casual every day dinners to jazzing up the table at your Thanksgiving feast. Let’s make some mini pumpkin bouquet centerpieces!

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

Supplies –

  • mini pumpkins
  • a few small fall florals
  • awl

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

Trim the stems of your mini pumpkins if they’re unruly. Wipe pumpkins clean with a damp cloth and let dry. Then, using the awl, poke a small hole near the top of the pumpkin, angled slightly toward the center. Be very careful to not puncture through the bottom side of the pumpkin and injure your hand. It shouldn’t take much pressure. Once you have a hole, open it slightly wider by gently rotating the awl.

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

Snip one or two fall blooms so that their stems are just about 3 inches long. Insert into the hole in the pumpkin. Rearrange until it’s adorable!

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

That’s all there is to it! These look so, so sweet lined up on a dining table, or bunched together any old place. I love mixing and matching the flowers with some leaves, grains, and greenery, so feel free to experiment. Just a teeny tiny way to celebrate fall! xoxo

DIY Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

[Photos by Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion.]

Sources –
Weathered Wood Spheres from West Elm
Gold Shears from Gingher

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This is so sweet and delicate! I think this will have to be our Thanksgiving dinner table decor. Now off to buy those scissors…

The pumpkins look so pretty on the table!! Maybe they can be used as place cards too :)


You’re right, onel! They would make great place cards :-)

White pumpkins are super rare in Italy. Life is so unfair! What do you think I could use to replace them? Green apples maybe? Uhm..

Hi Manuela! If you have mini orange pumpkins, you could always paint them white! Apples could be really cute as well. Hope you try it!

mahwish farhan

U have unbelievable ideas. Super hit great

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