Loving Black White + Graphic

Over the past few years I’ve had a growing love affair with the chic, effortless look of all black and white design. Paired with a bold punch of graphic pattern? Well then you can consider me in design heaven. There’s something about this look that reads both fiercely modern and quietly classic. A flowing white dress studded with black polka dots, the perfect white typography set against black, Easter eggs decked out in good ol’ black Sharpie marker. It sincerely just does not get any better. While I don’t ever see myself decking out a whole house in this way, I love the idea of a dinner party or even just one room that strips away all the color in exchange for a little black, white and graphic love. What do you think?

Black white + graphic | The Sweetest Occasion

1: Dress by Luca Luca from Style.com | 2: Obviously Sweet | 3: Le Train Fantome | 4: Susanna Vento via Jelanié | 5: A Merry Mishap | 6: Eight Hour Day from Dribble | 7: Mormorsglamour via trendenser | 8: Joe Fresh | 9. BP & O.



This is a great collage of amazing black and white inspiration. I adore that Luca Luca dress so much. Thank you so much for sharing!

That tree wallpaper has been my dream for so long now!!!! Now I know what I am doing for my easter eggs!!

Gorgeous roundup. Loving all the black and white.

Love this simple but striking palette! Works so well.

I agree! I could never do a whole house, but love the graphic look of black and white for an outfit, a party, or a single accessory.

Love the little toy, gorgeous!

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