Color Palette: Poppy + Teal

Happiest Monday morning, friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mine was great, but decidedly too short and today I feel a bit scattered running around in preparation for a short trip to New York this week. My flight leaves this evening and tomorrow will be a literal whirlwind of meetings and appointments all over Manhattan. So right now, let’s chat about color, shall we? I am loving this color palette of poppy and rich, moody teal. It has such a tranquil feel, but the kick of poppy red makes it feel energetic at the same time. Add in a touch of gold and a bit of concrete gray and I decidedly love this color palette.

Poppy + teal | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top: Sew Fresh FabricsLonny | M Stevens.]




This is my favorite color palette at the moment. We just redecorated our house in these colors and it turned out beautifully.


Where is that print of the poppies from??? I have to have it?


Hi, Monica! The poppy pattern is actually a fabric, available from this Etsy seller –


This is so pretty it makes me want to cry!

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