Profiteroles + Chocolate

Ahhh, profiteroles. These sweet treats are some kind of heaven. I’m sitting in the Charleston airport this morning waiting on my flight back to Syracuse and I am here to tell you what, I am craving some profiteroles and chocolate sauce right now like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never made profiteroles before, but I am thinking I’d like to give it a whirl. While more intricate than whipping up some tasty cookies, the pay off is all in the puffy texture. Load them up with whipped cream or ice cream then top with chocolate sauce and you’re going to be loving life. I can’t wait to give these a try this fall!

Profiteroles + chocolate | Photo by Baked Bree on The Sweetest Occasion

{Photo: Baked Bree. | Recipe: Profiteroles + chocolate.}



Cyd, if you find a good recipe for them please share! I’d love to give them a whirl too! So jealous right now! ;-)

We call these creme puffs – are they the same thing? Made with egg and flour and then after baking the webby insides are pulled out and filled with vanilla cream or whipped cream and then drizzled with chocolate.

Yikes, I shouldn’t be reading blogs at I’m hungry! :)

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