Root Beer Floats with Hot Fudge

Root beer floats are about as classic as it gets. They remind me of being a kid when my parents owned an ice cream stand. We loved going there on the weekends and “helping out” in exchange for quarters for rounds of pinball and oversized root beer floats which we giddily slurped down. Maybe that’s why these root beer floats with homemade hot fudge just sound so good to me. They’re nostalgic and a reminder of carefree childhood days, but the addition of hot fudge kind of makes them like a sundae, too. Totally sinful, but completely delicious. Anyone care to join me for a root beer float date?

Root beer floats with homemade hot fudge

{Photo by How Sweet It Is. | Recipe: Root beer floats with homemade hot fudge.}



Yummy! Can’t wait to try this out to beat the heat here in a little too Sunny Florida :)

Wow, this looks amazing!

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