DIY Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

I’ve always been intrigued by homemade body scrubs and finally decided to try my hand at whipping one up recently. I researched a bunch of different recipes and finally settled on a lemon sugar scrub, which seemed perfect for me considering my signature personal fragrance is Fresh Sugar Lemon. Love that stuff! This scrub is perfect as a little treat for yourself, as a hostess gift or as bridesmaid gifts or bridal shower favors. Just fill up a pretty jar and add a tag with a bit of twine and you’re set to go!

Supplies –

  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 3/4 cup of olive oil
  • Juice from one lemon
  • Zest from two lemons
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • Jar(s)
  • Twine
  • Tags (I used a shipping tag like these, which I always keep handy)

So as a quick disclaimer, this is about the easiest thing you’re ever going to do. Hooray for simple! Put your sugar in a large mixing bowl, then mix in the oil and vanilla extract. You can scale this recipe up or down depending on how many jars of body scrub you’d like to end up with and how large the larges are that you choose. I went with a large glass jar with a flip-top lid so it would stay nice and fresh. I made a nice big batch, but feel free to make less if you’re working with a smaller jar you already have at home. Just make sure it’s good and clean!

Next up, zest two lemons and add it to the mix. Juice one lemon and add that, too. Then just mix to combine! Like I said. Easiest thing ever. But it makes such a great gift! Then just gussy up your jar however you’d like. You could use ribbons to coordinate with your wedding colors, add a label to the top of the lid, string a tag on a bit of twine like I did or just leave the jar simple and unadorned.

Many thanks to my lovely friend Alice G. Patterson who is going to be rockin’ out all kinds of awesome DIY shoots with me in the coming months. Stayed tuned for lots more!

{Photos by Alice G. Patterson.}



this scrub sounds delish :) one question though! how do you store this body scrub? because I’m assuming it will “expire” in time..


I went with a jar with a really good seal and I just keep it in the linen closet with my other toiletries. You use quite a bit at once if you do a full body scrub so you’ll use it up pretty quick and then just make another batch! Hope this helps :-)

thanks. I asked because I wanted to give it as a gift to I wanted to know when to make it, and how long before I give it away :)


Ahhh, makes sense! It’s so quick to mix up, you could literally make it right before you ran out the door to gift it, too. Shouldn’t take more than ten minutes tops!

I love making sugar scrub! these pictures are lovely. i just did a post about a salt scrub, but i usually make sugar scrubs for presents too! I love the added use of lemon rind :)

I love your nailpolish! What is it? (and i also love your blog)


I love the type of jar you used. What kind is it and do you remember where you bought it?
Thanks for your help.


Hi Debbie! It’s just a flip-top canning jar. I found mine at Christmas Tree Shops. Hope this helps!


Hello! How much does this make? Just want to know if I need to double up the mixture or not. I would like to do this as a present for 6 people.


Hi Carissa! I’d say for gifts this probably makes enough for two people if you use smaller jars. I’d double or triple the recipe for gifting to six people!

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I love your blog & I just pinned your sugar scrub recipe! This is a crazy question, but where did you get the font that you use on your blog name (the sweetest occasion) ? I am a font freak & would love to get it!!
Becky ♥♥


Hi Becky! The logo is actually hand calligraphy from Nicole Black. She’s amazing. You can find her at Thanks so much!

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What kind of instructions could I put on the back of the tag? I know if I give this to my aunts for a gift, they will have no clue how to “use” it. :)


I made this last night & used canola oil instead because that’s what I had on hand. I showered with it this morning & my skin feels wonderfu! I also made a second batch using coconut oil & skipped the vanilla. I didn’t use as much lemon because I was afraid the two scents would clash. I will make it again w/ coconut oil & use lime in the amounts suggested for lemon. Thanks for posting this. :)


Coconut oil and lime?! Incredible. I need to try it that way, too. :-)


Hi Cyd, how long will this last before it goes bad?


Hi Denise! I find it keeps fine for a few weeks although I’m not sure what would be technically recommended. I usually use it up faster than that though! :-)

Laurie B

Just a note that using grape seed oil is better for your pores. Olive oil can be a bit heavy for some skin types.

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