An Eagle Scout Camping Party for Stephen

So, basically, I think we all know about my deep love for camping, bonfires and running around barefoot outdoors. If you didn’t know, now you do. So with that cleared up and out of the way, let’s talk about how obsessed I am with this amazing party in honor of Stephen, who was recently honored as an Eagle Scout. With classic cookout fare, root beer floats, s’mores, and the coolest camping inspired details, this party is the ultimate celebration of the great outdoors in the summertime. Many thanks to Elisa B Photography for sharing!

{Photos by Elisa B Photography.}



So sweet! I’m not outdoorsy at all, but this makes me want to go camping and learn all sorts of great scouting tips. What a great party, and congratulations to Stephen!

Wow! This is such a cute idea! Love, love, love it. I bet this party made him feel so special.

Thank you so much for the lovely feature! Just loved the root beer floats and the copper details.


Thank you for sharing, Elisa! I just love this party and your photos are stunning. xoxo

I love that this is an elegant and masculine party! There is meat, there is fire, but it’s classy too! A great way to honor Stephen’s hard work. Thanks for sharing it!

I love love love this party! Both of my sons will be receiving their Eagles in the next few months and I am inspired to give them a party like this. Thanks for the great pix

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