DIY Floating Pompom Garland

by Chelsea Costa

It’s Spring, and I love it! And if you’re hosting any Spring-type festivities, I’ve got the perfect little garland to dress up your doings. A floating pompom garland!

Supplies –

  • a few skeins of yarn in different Spring colors
  • scissors
  • needle
  • clear thread

Wrap yarn around two fingers until it’s your desired thickness. Snip the end of the yarn. Slide the loops off of your fingers and tie a length of yarn around the center of the loops. Snip through all of the loops on either side of the knotted piece of yarn.

Don’t worry if your pompom looks a little crazy at first – just trim the tips until it’s nice and round!

Once you have a few pompoms of each color, thread your needle with the clear thread. One by one, add the pompoms to the thread by inserting the needle directly through their center. If needed, keep the pompoms in place on the thread by tying double or triple knots on either side of each pompom.

Hang your garland and celebrate Spring! xoxo

{Photos by Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion.}



A nice change from everyone’s tassel garland tutorial!

So adorable!! And, i love the fancy scissors. :)

I love these! So adorable, I may have to attempt them myself – thank you for sharing!

What a nice, colorful addition to a party. But who needs a party? The pom poms look addictive to make. I think I could easily get carried away in pom pom heaven.

Wow it is so pretty! I can’t even manage to do a pompon so many… impossible to me! But the result is beautiful!

What a cute simple idea that looks fabulous!

Cool idea. Love the color and how simple it is to make! Thanks for sharing! -Jayson and Rachael

Oh the pom pom. I love you. What a great DIY! I am seriously addicted to any garland. I need help.

Shared over here today!

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I love making pompoms, it’s so theraputic, this is a great excuse to get out my yarn bag!

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