Party Palette: Melon + Tomato Red

I’m basically outright obsessed with this color palette right now. Vibrant, saturated shades of bold tomato red and deep orange paired with soft and lady-like shades of melon and pink? It’s so perfectly fun and a rockin’ ode to the 80s. (Seriously, when did the wacky color combinations of the 80s become so fashionable again?) I am loving this color palette for a festive summer wedding or a really colorful birthday party. Or a bright, neutral bedroom infused with touches of pink and tomato. Love.

{Photos from top: Paper Fashion / Henry Fetchman via Garden Design / J.Crew via a blog with a view.}




Such an adorable board.

I adore this party palette! Those flowers are especially stunning.

I’ve been trying to describe this combo and I had the tomato but not the melon – that’s the right word! I’m seeing it everywhere and it makes me so happy. Can’t wait for summer!


I love the blog so much. I don’t even think you understand. Seriously.

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