Tin Can Treats Celebrations

I know vintage campers are everywhere these days, but I’m thinking there’s a reason for that. There is something so blissfully nostalgic about an old camper. It sings of long summer days, childhood, creamsicles melting in the heat of July, and days when our biggest worries were whether to go with the purple or the blue crayon. (Personally, I always went pink.) Tin Can Treats is a Nashville company renting out their vintage camper, a 1965 Shasta Airflyte named Doris, for birthday parties, weddings and celebrations of all shapes and sizes. To me, it looks like a little piece of heaven.

{Photos by Tec Petaja for Tin Can Treats via Birthday Girl via Party Perfect.}



I have to admit I do love bow ties :)

aw i love the ice cream pinata

These kiddos are just adorable!

VERY Cute the little girls in teh flowery dresses are so cute, love them all.

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