The Anatomy of a Cupcake

I know I’m not the only one who loves a good cupcake, so I had to share this super cool print with you titled The Anatomy of a Cupcake. My architecture and engineering roots love seeing this flow chart style breakdown of the composition of a cupcake. Check out a video of the making of the print and buy your own here.

{Photo by Allen Hemberger via Oh! Cupcakes.}



wow wow wow!! love this. such a great idea! so simple …



Genius! Thank you for sharing.

Very cute! This would look perfect in my kitchen! Thanks!!

I love this! It’s so cute in a very to-the-point way, you know?

such a genius idea for kitchen art!

[…] a la The Sweetest Occasion; Photo by Allen Hemberger via Oh! […]

As a cupcake lover…I am in love with this art! So adorable!

[…] orginally saw this here, and you can see how it was made here. Yes, it is a real […]

[…] The Anatomy of a Cupcake Allen Hemberger via The Sweetest Occasion […]

[…] Anatomy of a Cupcake via The Sweetest Occasion  […]

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