Heart Beignets for Your Sweetheart

Our awesome DIY Contributing Editor Jenny is sharing the sweetest Valentines Day idea. Love love love this inspiration for sweet Valentines Day treats!

Treat your sweetie first thing in the morning on Valentines Day with these little heart beignets served with coffee. Quickly whip up some love with the Beignet Mix from world famous french market coffee stand Café du Monde of New Orleans, found at Cost Plus World Market. They are incredibly simple to make! Add water to the mix. Roll it out thin, use a ton of flour because it is super sticky, and cut with a heart shaped cutter. Pop in a pot of oil to deep fry, turning and basting to maximize puffiness.

Scoop out when light golden brown, and after a brief stint on paper towels, dust with powdered sugar and serve hot. Heaven on a plate.

{Photos by Hank + Hunt.}




Yum! I love Cafe du Monde’s beignets, and making them heart shaped is so sweet!

Love!!! And I thought that fried dough couldn’t get any better! I think making them heartshaped makes them less calories, no? ;) Love your styling Jenny B!

who can resist friend dough sprinkled with sugar…i know i sure can’t. hands down this is better than those boxed chocolates!

yummy! wish i could have a little plate of these RIGHT NOW. where is the beignet fairy when you need her?

I’d eat these like Pez candies, one after the other!

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