Camping with Style

Have I ever told you how much I love camping? I big time l.o.v.e to camp. Bring on the s’mores, the sleeping bags and long days of reading, canoeing and telling campfire stories and I’m in heaven. With that said, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a campsite with as much style as this one. It’s colorful, Moroccan-inspired and shines with cute details that make this camping trip anything but ordinary. Why not bring a little party to your next camping adventure? A little color can go a long way to livening up even the great outdoors.





{Photos from Juicy Bits.}



ok I REALLY want to go camping now!! Lovely!
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this city girl is not crazy about camping but after seeing this i might consider it
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LOVE this sooo much! Great post Cyd, right up my alley…. Now I am going camping next weekend! wooot!


haha, thats not camping stay indoors and don’t soil the outdoors for the rest of us. cool! The colors and theme are so great! Time to go glamping!
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wow! I can camp with the best of them (ya know, hard ground and wild animals) but next time I go I am definitely bringing some bright, floral patterned sheets and lanterns. Maybe the pretty will take away from the fact that I wasn’t bathing or wearing any make up.

this is ABSOLUTELY neat! how huge is that tent! amazing.
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That’s my kind of camping – with style! :)
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what a fantastic idea to make camping so stylish and cute! I love it, looks amazing.


I love camping, and that’s pretty and all..but camping isn’t about style. don’t worry, the bugs will be all over this stuff soon.


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nice! i’m going camping this weekend and now i feel all inspired! let’s see if i can be inspired AND motivated…

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