10 Best Winter Citrus Cocktails

10 Best Winter Citrus Cocktails from @cydconverseI always love when citrus season comes along. For those of us in crazy cold climates, it’s like nature’s way of helping us get through winter. At least, that’s how I always see it when February rolls into town and fresh oranges, clementines and grapefruits seem to be the only sunshine we see. Make all that yummy fruit into cocktails, you say? I think that’s a fabulous idea. So today I’ve rounded up 10 of the best winter citrus cocktails your palate has ever tasted.

From blood orange to clementines to freshly squeezed lemons, from tequila to rum to gin, there’s a little something here for everyone, all guaranteed to taste like a summer’s breeze in the middle of winter. Click through to check out 10 of the best winter citrus cocktails!



Clementines, tequila, and cayenne? That sounds like a tasty concoction. I love all the citrus choices here!


The clementines, tequila and cayenne make for a surprisingly delicious combination, Stacy! ;-)