Recipe Favorites: 10 Amazing S’mores Recipes

10 Amazing S'mores Recipes | The Sweetest Occasion

What I’m about to do to you isn’t very fair. It being a Monday and all, there’s a solid chance you’re thinking about things like vegetables and eating lots of greens following the weekend. But me? I’m that girl who wants to talk about s’mores. Last week it dawned on me that we should definitely be talking about all the ways you should be making s’mores and then I found out, coincidentally, it was something called National S’mores Day on Saturday (who knew?!) and it was settled. We officially have to talk about s’mores, lest I should be a negligent blogger.

What’s about to happen here is I am going to lay at your feet 10 of the most amazing s’mores recipes I could find. We’re talking s’mores brownies, s’mores cupcakes, s’mores in a jar, s’mores ice cream sandwiches, s’mores pancakes…it’s insanity at it’s best. Are you ready to dive in? Light up the campfire and click through for 10 of the best s’mores recipes!


Color Palette: Berry + Lime

Happy Monday, friends! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty quiet. B was out of town working so on Friday night I spent the evening fireside with friends and then generally spent the rest of the weekend working. I can’t complain! Every once in a while a low key working weekend is just what I need to not feel like I’m totally frazzled. And this morning? This morning it’s all about this bright berry and lime color palette, because I’m feeling all kinds of peppy and ready to tackle the week this morning. It may help that my mom and I are sneaking off for a little spa date today! We’ve really been needing a little girls-only time so pedicures and massages it is. So we’re playing hooky for part of the day on a Monday. I honestly can’t wait. Here’s hoping your Monday is great, too!

Berry and Lime | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top: Studio DIYSomewhere Splendid | Better Recipes' Daily Dish.]


Weekend Link Love

Hey, guys! Popping in quickly today with a belated dose of link love for your weekend. After a hectic week, it’s a quiet working weekend at home for me this weekend. I’ve been watching a bit of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I never watched it when it was on originally, but sometimes that’s how I discover my favorite shows, working from the couch over the weekend and stumbling on old seasons of shows. Gotta love Hulu and Netflix on AppleTV! At any rate, here’s hoping your week is off to a great start – see you here on Monday! xoxo

Lets Run Away Print by Leah Flores Designs

[Art print by Leah Flores Designs at Society6.]


Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 41

Turns out, last week’s ode to indigo didn’t quite get my love affair with the color out of my brain. In fact, it may have only served to reaffirm my love. So as I do, I’ve found myself gravitating toward any number of lovely things sporting indigo as of late. From the most gorgeous indigo tablecloth to a pretty stunning pair of earrings, there is essentially no end to my conviction that just about everything should be blue and beautiful at the moment. Luckily for all of us, I think indigo is here to stick around for a bit so you can bet I’ll be stocking up on all the pretty things.

Indigo | The Sweetest Occasion


[Shop | 1: Polka dot pouch | 2: Indigo Toms | 3: Cuff bracelet | 4: Camera bag/purse | 5: Tablecloth | 6: Earrings | 7: Nail polish.]

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Recent Snippets

It dawned on me that it has been quite some time since I’ve shared any snippets with you a la Instagram! I try to be good about these things, I really do, it just seems that the weeks zip on by and before I know it it’s August and I haven’t shared any Instagram photos since, uh, April. Yup, that happened. So today I’m just keeping it short and sweet, sharing a handful of things I’ve been loving this summer.

McClure's Pickles

McClure’s Pickles. We love these things! Our most recent pick were the garlic dill pickles. They have some serious kick and they’re so so good!

Fresh Summer Cherries

Fresh cherries. Seriously, I can’t stop buying them this summer! I snack on them almost daily and they’re just delicious.

Perrier Pink Grapefruit

Perrier Pink Grapefruit. I’m a nut for sparkling water and this pink grapefruit Perrier has been a hit with me all summer long.

Target Wedges

Target wedges. These $20 wedges have been a wardrobe mainstay for me this summer. So inexpensive, cute and surprisingly comfy!

Swizzle Sticks from Chromatic & Co.

Swizzle sticks. I always love me a bit of cocktail bling and this summer I’m especially fond of my stash of swizzle sticks from Chromatic & Co.

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[Photos by Cyd Converse on Instagram.]