Summer Entertaining: Pretty Pitchers

Summer Entertaining: Pretty Pitchers

Undoubtedly one of my go-to summer entertaining essentials, for crowds of all sizes, is a pretty pitcher. I pick them up whenever I see one for cheap at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, you name it! They’re perfect for serving up cocktails, icy cold water or even acting as a stand-in vase for a big spray of grocery store flowers when you need a quick and easy centerpiece on the fly. A lady can never have too many pitchers, I say. My boyfriend, however, would likely beg to differ. It seems they multiply daily in our cabinets. (Oops. My bad.) Never mind all that, naturally I couldn’t resist sharing a few of the beautiful pitchers and carafes that have caught my eye lately. From the most gorgeous hobnail to the simple elegance of classic white, any one of these pitchers (or two or three) would be perfect for rockin’ at your summer shindigs all season long.

[Shop | 1: Jewel green pitcher | 2: Smoke gray carafe | 3: Recycled glass carafe | 4: Hobnail pitcher | 5: Classic white pitcher | 6: Citrus green carafe.]


Something Sweet: Lilac Sugar

Lilac Sugar

I have been such a fan of Linda of Call Me Cupcake for as long as I can remember. Her images are each like stunning pieces of fine art, drawing you in with the loveliest compositions and most incredible light. Who knew cakes and confections could be so damn awe inspiring? She has a book out that I so wish were in English because I’d buy not only a copy for myself, but for basically everyone I know. Her latest creation to blow me away? This recipe for lilac sugar. Lilac sugar! Who knew such a thing existed? Linda recommends it in a cup of tea, and I’m thinking I need to hurry my butt outside to snag up a bunch more lilacs before the short-lived season passes us by. Lilac sugar. It may just be my new obsession. Get the recipe at Call Me Cupcake.

[Photo by Call Me Cupcake.]


The Sweetest Occasion Reader Survey

I have no idea how another year has slipped by so quickly, but alas it has and it’s officially that time again – time for the 2013 reader survey! Once a year I reach out to you and ask you to chime in with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to help keep The Sweetest Occasion evolving. Over the last several weeks I’ve been spent a lot of time putting pen to paper dreaming up new ideas for columns and features and new ways to bring you more and better content. Combine that with your input in this year’s survey and I have big plans to make this next year the best one yet! The survey is short and sweet (just 11 questions) and one lucky participant will receive a $50 J.Crew gift card as my personal thank you for contributing your thoughts and ideas. (If that sounds like a  bribe, it’s ok. I’m not above bribing!)

Inspire someone today.

Take the survey here and allow me to thank you in advance! You’re all the best. Seriously. xoxo

p.s. Please note that in order to be entered in the giveaway you’ll need to include your email address when taking the survey. (Only completed surveys will be eligible to win.) Your answers will remain completely anonymous and your email address will never be shared! The survey is open now through Friday, June 7 and the winner will be announced soon thereafter!


[Image by Oh No Rachio. Visit her shop here.]


My Travel Story: National Stationery Show 2013

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National Stationery Show Travels

As my iPhone has become more and more attached to my hand in recent years (and I know you can relate), I’ve loved taking random off the cuff photos of the everyday. Especially when I’m traveling! Whether it’s a cocktail that’s so tasty I want to try and remember it to recreate at home or a meal so good it’s the stuff legends are made of, or heck, even just a gorgeous sunset over the Manhattan skyline with the perfect silhouette of the Chrysler Building, I love having the ease of capturing photos to commit those little moments, sights and scenes to memory. What I’m really bad at? Doing anything with those photos once they’re on my phone. They usually just sit there until I want to show someone something I recently saw or did and then I’m sifting through literally 1000s of photos trying to find the one. No bueno.

Take my recent trip to New York for the National Stationery Show for example! From dinner out with the girls to grab my favoritest of all veggie burgers (made with beets!) at Five Napkin Burger, to strolling through the Grand Central Market hunting for a late night snack, to spending our last afternoon lounging around Bryant Park, my recent travel to the city packed a whole lot of work, but also several quick side adventures that are what make the trip so memorable each year. Here’s a little peek at my National Stationery Show travels – minus the paper!

Oh, yup, I just busted out a slideshow on you, courtesy of Disney’s brand new Story app that I had the pleasure of trying out over the last month or so. Designed with memory making and keepsaking in mind, Disney’s new app is all about capturing and savoring those special little moments that happen everyday, whether lounging around at home or traveling the streets of Manhattan. (Or having a family car wash on the fly and ending up with two soaked-to-the-bones kids and two not-so-very clean cars. But that’s a story for another day!) The app allows you to make really sweet little e-photobooks to bundle all those photos and memories into one place, telling the story of your day to day adventures in a way that’s really easy to share with friends and family either by email or on Facebook. You can add captions, rearrange and crop images, and change themes to create the story you want to tell. Truth be told, it’s pretty gosh darn addicting! And it seemed like the perfect way to share with you a bit more from my trip to New York, too!

To learn more about Disney’s Story app click here – it’s free in the iTunes app store! Oh, and most importantly, I’m wishing you lots of beautiful new stories in the making this summer!


[Photo by Cyd Converse.]

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25 Best Father’s Day Cards

Fresh home from the stationery show and with paper on the brain, it’s time to talk cards for dads! I sifted through tons of awesome cards, narrowed it down to just a couple dozen favorites and today over at Babble I’m sharing my pick for 25 of the best Fathers Day cards! From letterpress to screen printing, from classy to the outright hilarious, there’s a little something for every dad no matter if he’s the preppy type or the outdoorsy kind. So what are you waiting for? Pop on over to find the perfect card for Dad!

25 Best Father's Day Cards

View all image sources and get pricing and where to shop info at Babble!