Recipe Favorites: July 4th Desserts

July 4th Desserts | The Sweetest Occasion

As we head into the holiday week, B and I have been discussing our plans for the 4th. One very important topic? What we want to make for dessert to bring to the party we’re going to be attending. We have a few ideas in mind, but that never stops me from going out and hunting around for ideas. Of course, for the 4th you can go patriotic with classic red, white and blue desserts, but in general I vote for channeling the flavors of summer. Think fresh berries, delicious cobblers and s’mores. Yum!

Whether you’re hosting, dropping by at a friend’s place or just keeping it low key in the backyard with the family, a delicious summer dessert is a must on July 4th. Click through for 10 favorite July 4th desserts!


Recently Pinning: Feeling Patriotic

July 4th Party Ideas | The Sweetest Occasion

I’m not exaggerating even a touch when I say that July 4th is absolutely one of my most favorite days of the year. It’s something about the sunshine, the patriotic swaying of flags and the fireworks. Oh, the fireworks! It’s every bit a magical combination if you ask me. Not surprisingly, my pinning tendencies are falling in line with that love lately. From cool ombre serving spoons for dishing up all those summery salads to the prettiest watercolor drink flags, give me red, white and blue July 4th ideas and I’m one happy lady. To see more of what I’m pinning and loving, pop on over to Pinterest!

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And Today It’s Like Christmas in June!

When I mentioned my new purchase yesterday, I also promised I’d keep you posted on how I’m making out with my new gear. When making the decision on what camera to buy I read a ton of blog posts, did a lot of research, asked lots of questions of friends with higher end cameras, read countless reviews…you get the point! So for those of you who are have an interest in this kind of thing I thought I’d share a quick post today basically squealing with excitement. She’s here. She’s beautiful. (And yes. She is definitely a she.)

Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D with 50 mm f/1.4 and 35 mm f/2 lenses. Photo from Cyd Converse on Instagram.]

Never before have I stalked a UPS package with such excitement. This investment was a long long time in coming, but it was definitely worth the wait. I’ve already been playing around a bit today (of course), shooting whatever random bits, baubles and basil plants crossed my path as I went along my merry way. I’m including just one quick photo here (SOOC), but from here on out you can expect to be seeing a lot more. It’s been a huge goal of mine to starting shoot much more of the content and features here (as opposed to doing most of the styling and art directing but little of the shooting) and that is officially underway as of today.

Basil | The Sweetest Occasion

So as for today, it seems appropriate that it’s exactly six months until Christmas, because it feels like just that to me. Maybe I should bust out the egg nog? And as for my initial impressions, I am loving everything about the 6D. It’s still early and I need to get more comfortable and proficient with the controls (they’re quite a bit different from my old camera) so I’m quicker and more consistent in shooting, but so far it’s a win. Please let me know if you have any questions! I’m far from an expert, but I’m happy to help out in any way I can. Oh, and happy Christmas in June!


[Photo by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]


DIY Sea Glass Bracelet + Earrings

by Stephanie Gerber

DIY Sea Glass Bracelet | The Sweetest Occasion

It’s the time of year I start wishing I had a beach in the backyard. Even one within a 250-mile radius would do! Because summer days are meant for collecting sea shells, building sand castles and relaxing with a good book. Everything should be easy – even your jewelry! And if you’re a bracelet lover, you’ve probably noticed that delicate bracelets are in. The trend is all about wearing a “tiny stack” of several smaller, simpler pieces for your arm party. My favorite way to wear this trend is to group together several (3 or 5) of the same kind of bracelet in slightly different colors. And sea glass is perfect for a beachy summer vibe!

DIY Sea Glass Bracelet | The Sweetest Occasion

The soft purples and clear water blues of sea glass instantly makes you think of the beach. Found in the mosaic section of the craft store, the shapes come in a random assortment of sizes, making some perfect for delicate bracelets and others just right for simple stud earrings.

 DIY Bracelet with Sea Glass

Supplies -

  • Sea glass mosaic pieces
  • E-6000 glue
  • Silver chain (about 6 inches per bracelet)
  • 6 small silver jump rings per bracelet
  • 1 lobster clasp per bracelet
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Stud backs or French wire hooks for earrings

DIY Sea Glass Bracelet | The Sweetest Occasion

Using the E-6000, glue a small jump ring on either side of the sea glass piece. The edge of the jump ring should extend out from the sea glass a tiny bit. Let this dry overnight. (Note: I originally tried to drill a small hole on either side – no luck! If you have the necessary diamond drill bit, definitely give that a try.) After the glue is completely dry, attach a small jump ring to each side.

DIY Bracelet with Sea Glass

Cut two pieces of the silver chain and attach them to the sea glass via the jump ring. Measure your wrist and trim the chain length with the pliers.

DIY Sea Glass Bracelet | The Sweetest Occasion

Attach a small jump ring on each end of the chain and add the lobster clasp to one side. Repeat to make as many bracelets as you want!

DIY Sea Glass earrings

To make earrings, simply find two small pieces that are roughly the same size and glue a stud backing on one side of the glass. If you like your earrings to dangle a bit more, glue a jump ring to the top of the glass with E-6000 and attach a French earring wire hook.

DIY Earrings with Sea Glass DIY Sea Glass earrings

Now, who else is really ready for a trip to the beach?

DIY Sea Glass Bracelet | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos by Henry Happened for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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Color Palette: Plum + Mint

Looking back recently, it dawned on me that it’s been a bit since shades of purple have come out to play in a color palette. Then this perfectly plum and mint pairing from Wendy’s Lookbook stumbled across my path and I decided these soft pastel colors, reminiscent of sweet summery gelato, were all kinds of lovely together. Don’t you agree? So as the first color palette of summer (now that it’s official!) we’re channeling sorbet and gelato and all things sweet and pretty. As a sidenote, Wendy’s Lookbook is an absolutely gorgeous fashion blog and I’m all levels of obsessed with Wendy’s YouTube channel, too. She’s one stylish lady!

Plum + Mint | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top: Jeni's Ice Cream | Wendy's Lookbook | Justin DeMutiis via Elizabeth Anne Designs.]