Happy Halloween!

While I am far from the only Snippet & Ink stalker out there, I did just want to share these Halloween-inspired boards Kathryn dreamed up. Who knew Halloween could prove to be so sensationally gorgeous?

Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a fabulous evening full of treats and maybe even a trick or two.


A Long Island Vineyard Wedding.

My good friend from graduate school is getting married one week before us at a vineyard on Long Island. Luckily, we opted to spare each other the agony of being in each other’s weddings, but we do have a lot of time for sharing ideas and meeting up for wedding related shopping adventures. She has been debating her color palette for a while now (don’t we all?) so I took [a lot of] time this morning and surprised her with two inspiration boards to help her out. I have a decided favorite and have fingers crossed in hopes she’ll pick that one, but in the meantime I thought I would share them with you. Which do you prefer for a Long Island vineyard wedding in July?
Row 1: Bouquet and suits from The Knot, necklace by Jeweled Blossoms, patio from Vineyard Caterers
Row 2: All images from The Knot
Row 3: Dress by Mikaella, bout via Brides, invitation by Wedding Paper Divas, shoes by JCrew
Row 4: Bout from , clutch by Red Ruby Rose, dress by Melissa Sweet, cake via Vineyard Caterers
Row 1: Bouquet and suits from The Knot, necklace by Jeweled Blossoms, patio from Vineyard Caterers
Row 2: All images from The Knot except martini via Pom Wonderful
Row 3: Dress by Mikaella, centerpiece photo by Samantha Warren Weddings, place setting from The Knot, shoes byJCrew
Row 4: Bout from , clutch by Red Ruby Rose, dress by Melissa Sweet, cake via Vineyard Caterers


M and I spent a long day working about the house today. Recent renovation projects left us with a garage full of junk and with winter approaching quicker than I care to admit, it was time to get things hauled out. It took all damn day. By the time we had the garage swept out and I shredded it for the thirteenth day in a row, I barely had enough energy to shower. Luckily, my love treated me to dinner at a fabulous local restaurant with views overlooking the lake and it was a nice little chance to catch our breath at the end of a hard day’s work. Frankly, I’m too beat to think too hard this evening and intend to go nestle up on the couch for a movie or two, but I just wanted to be sure everyone had seen this incredible featured wedding today over at Snippet and Ink. Kathryn has absolutely impeccable taste and I look forward to her Real Wedding Saturdays every week, but this one just got me.
Everything about this celebration is so fresh and chic it makes my mouth water. I would love for our wedding to translate like this to our guests. With an air of simplicity and excitement, with a sense of ease as if the day somehow magically pulled together it’s own details effortlessly, and with an abundance of sunshine and good cheer. I love it so very much. And I’m thinking I need some eyelet-wrapped candle holders of my very own.
M and I are off to do some apple picking tomorrow and I am really way too excited for my own good. If all goes as planned we should be having our engagement photos on Monday while M is off for the holiday with our awesome photographer whom I have yet to introduce although I promise I will and soon. Keep your fingers crossed! I am loving the autumn foliage right now and can’t wait to see how it translates to photographs.

Michelle Moore = Photographer Love.

For once in my life, I was just trolling about the interweb researching something completely unrelated to weddings (no, really, I swear!) and I stumbled upon this insanely gorgeous photograph by Michelle Moore. 

I am sure you can see why I simply had to pause and share this with you. This photograph is breathtakingly beautiful. I would love a giant print to hang in my house. There is not a single image on her website that is not completely striking and utterly compelling. I am in love.
If only we lived in Washington and had thousands of additional dollars to spend on photography…


If there were any doubt that I really truly do love blue in all of its shades and hues, quite passionately, I present a few photos of our new home. English Teacher and I moved in together about a month ago. The process of getting settled is an ongoing labor of love, but it has been such a fun process to make our house a home.