Boozy Summer Snow Cones

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Boozy Summer Snow Cones by @cydconverse

Snow cones. Is there anything more delicious and refreshing during the hot summer months? I’m thinking pretty much no. Which is why I am so excited to have teamed up with the folks at Seagram’s Escapes today to bring you my take on the perfect poolside beverage. For late summer pool parties there is nothing better than some boozy snow cones! That’s right, friends. Boozy snow cones. Game on!

Boozy Summer Snow Cones by @cydconverse

Boozy Summer Snow Cones by @cydconverse

To make your own spiked snow cones, all you need is a bunch of shaved ice, which you can whip up in your blender or food processor and whirring until chopped up. (There’s no need for a snow cone maker!) Then just set up a table by the pool with some cute snow cone cups, straws and all your favorite Seagram’s Escapes flavors. Friends can scoop up their own cone and top it with the juicy flavor they love best. (The Blackberry Breezer and the Bahama Mama are my personal picks!)

Boozy Summer Snow Cones by @cydconverse

To keep our snow cones in check, B and I whipped up this fun snow cone holder. Tomorrow I’ll walk you through how we did it, because it was super simple to build. In the meantime, these Seagram’s Escapes snow cones have become one of our favorite treats this summer! They’re fruity and refreshing and perfect for hot summer days spent by the pool. Grown up snow cones. Let’s make them a thing, ok?

Boozy Summer Snow Cones by @cydconverse

Boozy Summer Snow Cones by @cydconverse


[Photos + cocktails by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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3 Awesome DIY Wall Art Ideas + Monday Link Love

Hi, everyone, and happy Monday to you, friends! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I got to spend some time with my beautiful nieces who are in town visiting from Florida for the week and there’s nothing I love more than that. This week I have a couple of fun DIY ideas in store for you, another fun summery cocktail idea and hopefully loads of pretty things to inspire your week. To kick things off, I’m brining you the link love that seems to have never made it live on Friday, and three of the cool DIY wall art ideas I’m loving at the moment. We own a lot of art, but there always seems to be another wall that could use something fun, colorful and unique so these ideas are on my short list at the moment. That dinosaur poster is amazing!

3 DIY Wall Art Ideas from @cydconverse

[DIY Giant Poster Frame | DIY Wall Hangings | DIY Abstract Art Canvas.]


Loving an Ice Cream Party

Ice cream. And lobster. Absolutely my two favorite foods in the whole wide universe. Followed very closely by cheese. But I digress. Turns out, I love an ice cream party like you wouldn’t believe. Load up on your favorite flavors and the cutest ice cream cone wrappers, cups, spoons and sprinkles you can find and you’re well on your way! Of course, while we all know that kids love a good ice cream party, don’t discount an ice cream party for grown-up friends, too. Fruity drinks and fruity cones go perfectly together!

Ice Cream Party Ideas from @cydconverse

[1: Watermelon ice cream cone wrappers | 2: Strawberry ice cream cone wrappers | 3: DIY ice cream caddy | 4: Ice cream party invitations | 5: Strawberry ice cream sandwiches | 6: DIY tassel ice cream spoons | 7: Ice cream soda printables | 8: DIY waffle cones.]


Shop by Color: Blush Pink

Sometimes a lady just likes to feel feminine and pretty, am I right? And in my book there’s no better color to evoke that feeling than blush pink. I think I love blush best when it’s used as a neutral and paired with other neutrals like black, white and ivory. Can we talk about these booties for a second? I think they’d make the perfect shoe for late summer right on into fall when they’d look adorable with jeans and sweaters. (They also come in camel and natural, too!) At any rate, here are some pretty in pink things I’m loving at the moment. Any favorites?

Shop by Color: Blush Pink Accessories


[Shop | 1: Abstract flower sweater | 2: Satin ball cap | 3: Accessories storage bags | 4: Salt tasting dish  | 5: Suede belt | 6: Cut-out booties | 7: Bobbi pin set.]

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Summer Lemonade Stand Printables

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. There’s little I love more than a summer lemonade stand! I grew up on the old family farm, outside of town, surrounded by hundreds of acres of fields and woods. It was awesome, but it pretty much meant that having a lemonade stand was completely futile lest I could beg one of my cousins, aunts or uncles to buy a cup. For that reason I find lemonade stands to be so nostalgic and idyllic. Today I’m sharing that nostalgia with some of my favorite lemonade stand printables, making hosting a lemonade stand this weekend as easy as downloading, printing and mixing up the lemonade!

DIY Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Printables

[Lemonade stand printables from Caravan Shoppe.]

Printable Lemonade Stand Sign

Printable Lemonade Stand Sign Printable Lemonade Stand Straw Flags

[Printables by Miss Wyolene for The Sweetest Occasion | Download here.]

Summer Lemonade Stand

Fresh Lemonade Sign fresh-squeezed-lemonade

[Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. | Printables from One Charming Party.]