Color Palette: Hibiscus + Honeydew

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend and an awesome Father’s Day. As we head into the work week, I’ve been finding myself day dreaming about a summer vacation. I’m pretty sure such a vacation is not going to make the calendar for us this year, but a girl can dream, right? I’m talking a beachy vacation with loads of fruity drinks in excess and waking up every morning in a bedroom with crisp white linens and windows open to the breeze. No doubt this color palette today is all about summer. Flowers, fruity drinks, summer breezes and beach frolicking. Sign me up! I am so ready for summer vacation.

Color Palette: Hibiscus and Honeydew


[Photos, from top: Danielle Burkleo | Tasty Yummies | Monica Wang for Design Love Fest.]

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10 Awesome DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Awesome DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ready or not, Father’s Day is just a couple days away! I have to confess that I’m absolutely always that person needing last minute gift ideas for my dad. This year (as we have the past several years) we’re going to be celebrating by spending the day on the boat, island hopping and grabbing lunch somewhere on the river, but I’d also like to come up with something really fun to give him, too. So today, I’m sharing 10 awesome DIY Father’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for those of you who, like me, still find yourself needing a gift for your dad or your baby daddy. With lots of leather and meat and all the manly things, click through for 10 of my favorite Father’s Day gift ideas!


What To Wear: Summer Picnics

This morning I was taking a look at the schedule for the upcoming weekend and realized we have no fewer than four picnics and barbecues to attend. You’ve gotta love summer for that one! Once the weather is nice, people just love firing up the grill and celebrating everything from the average Saturday to the biggest of life’s occasions outdoors. I don’t know about you but we have a lot of weekends this summer where our days are double or even triple booked, which can make deciding what to wear a bit tricky. My solution? Pick up a few cute maxi dresses (I love this one) that can easily be worn both day and night with a simple swap in accessories and shoes. Dresses are my go-to wardrobe staple during the summer months anyway so I’m really loving both of these looks.

What To Wear: Summer Picnics


[Shop | Chambray maxi dress | Scarf | Long necklace | Sandals | Nail polish | Blazer | Gold bangles | Skinny gold belt | Gold wedges.]

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Pretty Watercolor Prints from Kelly Ventura

Over the last five or six years I’ve become a pretty avid art print collector. Letterpress prints in particular are my favorite, but lately I’ve also been trying to expand into picking up a few photographic prints, illustrations and watercolors, too. These watercolor prints from Kelly Ventura are seriously calling my name at the moment! They’re just so pretty and the bright, summery colors makes them just feel incredibly happy. You can probably already guess that this ice cream print is absolutely my favorite, but that’s not to discredit the beauty of Kelly’s florals, too. Either way you really can’t go wrong. Affordably priced starting at just $24, you could pop one of these babies int0 any basic white or blonde wood frame and have a pretty killer piece of art. I may have to do just that!

Ice Cream Print by Kelly Ventura

Blooms Print by Kelly Ventura

Garden Print by Kelly Ventura

[Watercolor prints by Kelly Ventura.]


10 Summery Watermelon DIY Ideas

10 Summery Watermelon DIY Ideas

A few weeks ago we brought home our first watermelon of the season from the market! And, yes, that’s worthy of exclamation point level excitement because I really love watermelon. (So does our lovable old black lab Nina, for the record. She eats it dantily off the rind just like a human. But we’ll save that gushing for another day.) Watermelon to me is just one of those things that just feels like summer. I love watermelon sliced up the classic way, tossed on top of salads, or blended up into cocktails. But what about watermelon inspired piñatas, party hats and serving trays? Yeah, those are awesome, too.

Ready to usher in the summer sunshine? Click through for 10 of the juciest watermelon DIY ideas perfect for summer!