The Best of the Week: DIY Flowers + Link Love

Hi, friends! I’m starting the week off a bit differently, combining a very belated dose of Friday Link Love with a bit of “The Best of Sunday” only on a Monday. I have loads of fun posts headed your way this week including a look at our master bedroom makeover, an awesome cocktail primed and ready for Cinco de Mayo, a quick gift idea for your madre for Mother’s Day and more. In the meantime as I put the finishing touches on those things, we’re talking about flowers this morning! Specifically, how much I love them and how happy I am that it’s finally spring and therefore keeping fresh flowers around the house is so much easier and more practical.  Scroll down to see all of my favorite DIY flowers and get your link love fix! Happy Monday, friends! xoxo

Mini DIY Bouquets from @cydconverse

[Mini DIY Bouquets | Photo by Alice G. Patterson.]

DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier from @cydconverse

[DIY Hanging Flower Chandelier | Photo by Lovely Indeed.]

DIY Floral Centerpiece by @cydconverse

[DIY Flower Bowl Centerpiece | Photo by Alice G. Patterson.]

DIY Succulent Boutonniere from @cydconverse

[DIY Succulent Boutonniere | Photo by Lovely Indeed.]




Loving Pretty House Plants

I’ve lamented time and again about my brown thumb when it comes to houseplants. I just kill them. All of them. It’s completely disgraceful. Especially when you consider that my grandmother was a prolific gardener and always had a house full of plants, a tradition my mother now continues, this inability of mine to keep a plant alive is just ridiculous. When it comes to actual gardening, I have no problem keeping things alive. Move those plants inside and it’s as good as signing their death certificate. I really really want to change this, so I’ve been paying attention to all of the timely spring posts and features popping up about plants in general and houseplants specifically. I am going to do this, friends. I am going to acquire and keep alive some pretty little plants. For real this time. Any tips or recommendations for me? Any houseplants you love? Any reformed brown thumbs out there?

Pretty Little Succulents

[Propagating succulents from The Slow Poke.]

Succulents are notoriously simple to care for, or so they say. I’ll be honest and admit that I do have a couple of small succulents hanging around that have lasted a long time so perhaps I need more succulents in my life?

Burro's Tail

[Photo by White Loft Studio via Style Me Pretty Living.]

My grandmother had a long burro’s tail in a macrame plant hanger that hung in front of the guest bedroom window for as many years as I can remember. For that reason I would really love to have one or a few in my own home. Also, my grandma was super hip apparently, if the succulent and macrame trend are telling.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf figs are such a trend right now, I know I know. But aren’t they so pretty? Also, it’s alleged that they aren’t too tricky to keep alive. I am skeptical about that, because, well, I kill everything. But maybe if I had a plant this pretty it’d be extra incentive to keep it alive? Check out these 10 indoor plants you can’t kill over at Style Me Pretty Living! I’m hoping they more than I do and maybe I can keep one of these babies alive.

[Photo by Heidi Lau via Style Me Pretty Living.]



The Best of the Best DIY Board Games

As is the case most years, this winter we found ourselves on a big board game kick. I can’t tell you the number of games of cards and Monopoly and Scrabble that have gone down since it first got cold last fall. Because winter seems to refuse to give up, our weekend afternoons  of hanging indoors playing games has continued well into what is allegedly spring. This past weekend there was a Monopoly throwdown of near epic proportions. All of this likely explains why I’m just in love with DIY board games at the moment. I love that these DIY versions can be customized in pretty colors that suit your personal taste and also provide you with another afternoon of fun as you craft, paint and create something really awesome for your board game collection. Here are my favorites, what I’m deeming the best of the best. Have you seen any others that you love? I want to make all the board game things!

DIY Checkerboard via @cydconverse

[DIY Gold Leaf Checkerboard from A Beautiful Mess]

DIY Dartboard via @cydconverse

[DIY Dartboard by Lovely Indeed | Photo by Whitney B. Lucas.]

DIY Color Rock Dominoes

[DIY Color Rock Dominoes by The House That Lars Built | Photo by Trisha Zemp.]

DIY Guess Who Board Game

[DIY Guess Who Board Game by Almost Makes Perfect.]

DIY Ombre Jenga

[DIY Ombre Jenga by Lovely Indeed | Photo by Whitney B. Lucas.]



Love People Art Print

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We’re jumping into the week with the next installment in our printable art print series. I’m making good on my promise to fill up your walls with lots of gorgeous art this year! Today’s art print comes to us from the incredibly sweet and super talented Jamie of A Pair of Pears. I’m such a fan of her work and I love this print she created inspired by one of her favorite quotes by Van Gogh. Scroll down to download and print, then just tuck it in a pretty frame and it’s ready for hanging or gifting. And be sure to share with me how you’re displaying your art prints using the hashtag #thesweetestoccasion on Instagram!

Love People Art Print from @cydconverse

Download the art print | See all free printable art prints


[Art print design by A Pair of Pears for The Sweetest Occasion.]


8 Best Peeps Inspired Easter Ideas

The Best Peeps Inspired Easter IdeasYou’re all probably pretty well versed in the fact that I do not like marshmallows, not even a little bit. Therefore, I admit at the onset here that I am very firmly on the side of not liking Peeps. I don’t like them fresh. I don’t like them stale. Just, no. However, I’m also going to admit that Peeps are utterly adorable and just kind of scream of Easter nostalgia in a really good way. So basically, I am in love with all the ways people are reinventing Peeps and being inspired by these iconic little bunnies and chicks when planning for Easter. With all of that said, today we’re ushering in the holiday weekend with the best Peeps-inspired Easter ideas going! Cakes, cocktails, centerpieces. So much cuteness!

Ready to kick off Easter weekend properly? Click through for all the Peeps crafts and recipes you could ever want. There’s a lot to love. Happy Easter, friends! xoxo