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It dawned on me that it has been quite some time since I’ve shared any snippets with you a la Instagram! I try to be good about these things, I really do, it just seems that the weeks zip on by and before I know it it’s August and I haven’t shared any Instagram photos since, uh, April. Yup, that happened. So today I’m just keeping it short and sweet, sharing a handful of things I’ve been loving this summer.

McClure's Pickles

McClure’s Pickles. We love these things! Our most recent pick were the garlic dill pickles. They have some serious kick and they’re so so good!

Fresh Summer Cherries

Fresh cherries. Seriously, I can’t stop buying them this summer! I snack on them almost daily and they’re just delicious.

Perrier Pink Grapefruit

Perrier Pink Grapefruit. I’m a nut for sparkling water and this pink grapefruit Perrier has been a hit with me all summer long.

Target Wedges

Target wedges. These $20 wedges have been a wardrobe mainstay for me this summer. So inexpensive, cute and surprisingly comfy!

Swizzle Sticks from Chromatic & Co.

Swizzle sticks. I always love me a bit of cocktail bling and this summer I’m especially fond of my stash of swizzle sticks from Chromatic & Co.

As always, for more of what I’m up to on a day to day basis and the things I’m seeing, doing and being inspired by, give me a follow over at Instagram! I update there pretty  much daily (or very close to it) so there’s always something new to see. Like the flurry of confetti left all over our house following my ladies night get together a couple weeks ago! (Because of course you want to see that.)

[Photos by Cyd Converse on Instagram.]


Mix It Up: Summer Sangria Recipes

3 Summer Sangria Recipes | The Sweetest Occasion

Sangria is my favorite cocktail to serve at a summer party. Namely, because it’s delicious and just so easy to prepare and serve! Generally I make mine the evening before so the flavors have a chance to meld overnight, which also cuts down on the prep the day of your gathering. I like to put mine in a big dispenser and set it up self-serve style with glasses, straws and a bit of extra fruit for garnishing. My go-to sangria is a white citrus version that I am going to share with you next week, but these three sangria recipes have also recently caught my eye! If you really want your sangria to be special, skip the typical fruits like apples and grapes and get a little wild with things like strawberries, watermelon, blood oranges and pineapple. Swap out the wine for champagne for a delightfully bubbly version? Don’t mind if I do!

[Sangria recipes | 1: Blood orange sangria from How Sweet It is | 2: Watermelon strawberry citrus sangria from Joy the Baker | 3: Champagne sangria by Freutcake for Style Me Pretty Living.]


Recipe Favorites: 10 Best Corn Recipes

10 Best Corn Recipes | The Sweetest Occasion

Last week I had a grand ol’ time sharing my picks for summer’s best zucchini recipes, but summer wouldn’t be summer if we didn’t talk about corn recipes, too! Here in our neck of the woods, fresh local corn is just starting to fill the farmers markets and roadside veggie stands. We’ve been loving it! Our go-to preparation is grilled with a bit of butter, fresh cracked black pepper and the occasional pinch of parmesan. But can we talk about corn salsa? And corn chowder? And corn cakes? Because we probably should. There’s just nothing like fresh summer corn!

Is anyone else just as excited by bins full of fresh corn on the cob as we are lately? I thought probably. Feeling hungry yet? I promise you if you’re not, you’re certainly about to be. Click through for 10 of the best corn recipes!


Recently Pinning: Beautiful Ballet

Recently Pinning: Beautiful Ballet

It’s not really much of a secret that I am rather obsessed with all things ballet. I’m not sure where it comes from other than I’ve been fascinated with the art of ballet since I was a kid. In my early days wielding a camera, I spent a lot of time photographing ballerinas in and out of the studio and it’s a subject that I still just love. (You can see some of my ballet photography circa 2000 if you’d like!) Lately I’ve found myself pinning a lot of dance-centric photos. These images just feel so poetic and beautiful to me in the simplest, loveliest of ways. Want to see more? Follow along on Pinterest!

[Row 1: Mads Teglers via Darling DexterSara Gray Photography for Amy Wing Designs | Row 2: Yan Photo | Row 3: Ballet BeautifulSara Gray Photography for Amy Wing Designs.]

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The Weekly Dozen vol. 3 + 4

It dawned on me late in the week last week that I totally flaked on getting last week’s images from The Weekly Dozen posted. Not cool! I do have to say though, this is why I am loving this little photography challenge! It’s keeping my accountable and keeping my camera close in hand at all times. So this week I’m sharing some of the images I took last week as well as a handful of my favorites from this past week, most notably from our weekend up in Old Forge. We went up on Friday, spent a long lazy day hanging out on Saturday, fit in a game of mini golf, caught a movie, and on Sunday the boys got to go on a seaplane flight over the mountains and little Adriondack lakes. It was a great weekend and I have 363 photos to prove it! I won’t inundate you with that many though, promise. Enjoy this week’s edition of The Weekly Dozen!



Adirondacks Adirondacks

Mini Golf

Mini Golf Mini Golf

Adirondacks Seaplane

Gracie Gracie

Athena Athena


Adirondacks Adirondacks

Adirondacks Seaplane

For more of The Weekly Dozen, pop over and pay a visit Gastography, Red Lovin’ Pixie and Cordier Events for more of their challenge photos this week. Be sure to let me know if you’re participating so I can check out your photos! xoxo

  • Keep your camera handy and aim to shoot as many photos as you can each week!
  • Share your 12 favorites (The Weekly Dozen) on your own blog or Facebook page
  • Once you’ve shared your dozen, send me a tweet using the hashtag #weeklydozen with a link to your weekly collection and I’ll share images from each participant on The Sweetest Occasion’s Facebook page with a link back to your post!
  • The challenge will run through September 15

[Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]