My Must-Have Camping Supplies + Packing Tips

We’re two days out from our camping trip and today we’re putting all the finishing touches on packing. Thursday morning we’ll be filling up our coffee mugs, loading up and heading out. This big annual trip actually takes place on an island (in the Thousand Islands along the St. Lawrence River) so while we have the ability to get to and from the mainland by boat, we try to make sure we don’t forget any of our essentials because running out for supplies is a kind of a pain. At the same time, we don’t like to pack too much because we have to shuttle everything to the island by boat so we also can’t just pack stuff for the sake of packing stuff. Over the last few years of going on this trip, I’ve broken our packing process down into a method that seems to keep us pretty organized so today I’m sharing my must-have camping supplies as well as a few tips for packing!

Camping Supplies from @cydconverse

First up, a few things I can’t live without while camping! A percolator for making coffee over the fire and a couple of good mugs. (I love enamel camp mugs, but your favorite mug will be fine!) There’s nothing I love more than waking up early in the woods and sipping coffee while the day wakes up. Folding chairs (these ones are adorable but any basic folding chair or camp chair will do) are essential for lounging while sipping said coffee or chilling by a fire in the evenings. A cast iron skillet for cooking up grub over the fire (see 10 awesome camping recipes to get inspired), a high quality water bottle for staying hydrated and a stash of notebooks for the brainstorms and ideas that inevitably occur once I’m happy and relaxed. Oh, and bonfire forks! You can use them for everything from marshmallows to hot dogs and I never leave home to go camping without them.

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10 Awesome Camping Recipes

10 Best Camping Recipes from @cydconverseNo week of waxing poetic about my love for camping would be good without a discussion of food! Seriously, B and I start planning our camping menus and shopping lists a couple of months out (at least for this big annual trip we’re embarking upon this week) so I feel like camp food is something I know a thing or two about. We like a combination of make-ahead salads and treats paired with yummy favorites cooked right over the fire or camp stove. So today I’m sharing 10 awesome camping recipes, perfect for the campground or the backyard if a camping trip isn’t in your future.

From s’mores and hot dogs to eggs and hash, this recipes will have you ready to go camping in no time. Click through for 10 of the best camp foods!

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Color Palette: Denim + River

Friends! It’s camping week! I am so damn excited for our trip later this week that it’s outright ridiculous. I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty distracted over the next few days, kind of like a kid before summer vacation. I’ve loved camping since I was a kid and that love has only grown stronger as an adult. I love cooking over a campfire, spending my days with no makeup on and no agenda, just reading, fishing, swimming and hanging out. This week’s color palette is inspired by exactly that. It’s like your favorite worn-in denim, flip flop feet and slow, lazy canoe rides. Stay tuned! This week is going to be a full-on ode to my love for camping from recipes to cocktails to my tips for packing for your own camping trip. Camping = love.

Color Palette: Denim and River


[Photos, from top: A Blog About Love | Canary Grey via 79 Ideas | Jake Good.]


Three Milkshake Recipes + Friday Link Love

Hooray for Friday! A week from now we’ll be a day into our annual camping trip with a ton of our family and friends and I seriously can’t even tell you how excited I am. I look forward to this trip all year long and I’m so glad it’s finally almost here! This weekend we’re going to be working on final preparations for the trip, which we’ve been working on bit by bit for the last few weeks. B is also going to help me shoot a couple of posts for you for next week, which is basically going to be a celebration of camping as we gear up and head out on our camping adventure. In the meantime can we talk milkshakes? And how these three milkshake recipes have me drooling today? Don’t miss your weekly dose of Friday Link Love and I’ll see you here on Monday! xoxo

Three Milkshake Recipes

[Chocolate covered cherry milkshake | Chocolate coffee milkshake | Chocolate mint brownie milkshake.]




Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos

Is anyone else as obsessed with metallic gold temporary tattoos as I am at the moment? This is one of those trends that I think is absolutely amazing and I find myself hoping it sticks around for a long, long time. See, I’m a girl who is regularly awed by beautiful ink work, but ultimately has always been too chicken to commit to a real tattoo of any kind. While completely ink-free, I often find myself toying with the idea of marking myself with a tattoo the likes of which I’m always pinning, but these incredible temporary options make me feel like maybe that’s not necessary. Add in that gilded metallic touch and I’m completely in love. Has anyone played around with these yet? I’m thinking I need to amass a stock pile!

Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos


[1: Tattly | 2: Flash Tattoos | 3: Flash Tattoos | 4: Lulu DK | 5: Tattly | 6: Moorea Seal | 7: Moorea Seal | 8: Lulu DK.]