Personal Notes 001: On Being Stuck

Jennet Liaw | The Sweetest Ocacsion

[Lettering + photo by Jennet Liaw.]

Lately I’ve found myself wanting to share things that are a bit more personal and a bit more real. The rare times I’ve done so in the past I’ve always been grateful for doing so, so I’ve decided to open up more often. In fact, the words of this post have been tumbling around in my head for a while now. For whatever reason, today seemed like the day to get them out of my head and into the world in some manner. Because I feel like I need to give these words shape to help myself process them and also because I feel like where I’m at is a place where many of us end up at some point in our lives, so perhaps my sharing will happen to be helpful for both of us. Or maybe I’ll put all these words out into the universe and an hour later delete this post. That part remains to be seen I guess.

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Color Palette: Driftwood + Sea Grass

You know those beautiful yet kind of moody spring or summer days after a rain storm? This color palette kind of feels like that for me. While in Mexico in November, most of our afternoons fit that bill perfectly. Rain washed and yet still so warm. The kind of days made for lounging around a thatch roofed porch watching the waves and reading a favorite book. If I close my eyes and think about it real hard, the weather here feels a lot like that lately. Minus the waves. And the thatch roof. And still occasionally dipping below freezing. But you get what I mean, right? Cool. So here’s a moody palette that I still find oh so pretty and a happy Monday to you!

Color Palette: Driftwood and Sea Grass

[Photos, from top: Erich McVey from Once Wed | Brookelyn Photography from Entouriste | Pastry Affair.]


Last Minute Easter Brunch Ideas

We’re just a couple days out from Easter now so it’s high time we talk about Easter brunch! While I love a big over the top Easter dinner, I have to be honest and admit that brunch is my favorite meal ever. Whoever invented brunch, I love you. Big time. For Easter in particular, I see a brunch filled with fresh, spring-inspired recipes. Nothing too heavy or overly complicated, just a handful of really delicious dishes, a couple of daytime-approved sips and a big pitcher of lemonade for the kiddos. This is kind of my dream Easter brunch – so yummy!

Easter Brunch Menu | The Sweetest Occasion


[Herbed deviled eggs | Limoncello thyme fizz | Lemon zucchini muffins | Spring herb quiche | Asparagus tarts | Spinach basil pesto | Easter celebration cake | Mango mojitos.]

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Decorate with Flowers

Decorate with Flowers | The Sweetest Occasion

Decorate with Flowers | The Sweetest Occasion

Decorate with Flowers | The Sweetest Occasion

Decorate with Flowers | The Sweetest Occasion

I was so excited to receive an advance copy of Decorate with Flowers a couple of weeks ago and now that this gorgeous book is on sale I had to share it with you today. The latest book release from Holly of decor8 (whom I’ve admired for so very long) co-written by the incredibly talented Leslie Shewring, this book is loaded with so many stunning DIYs and the loveliest ideas for decorating with flowers when entertaining, throughout your home and just because. The images and styling are so pitch perfect and the inspiration so beautiful that I can’t recommend it highly enough if you, like me, are really truly madly deeply in love with flowers.

[Photos from Decorate with Flowers.]


Color Palette: Gladiolus + Nimbus

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry for being MIA yesterday. I’m still dealing with a few kinks on the backend of the site that have made posting a bit tricky over the last few days. Plus, it’s tax week, so yeah, ugh. At any rate, we’re jumping right back into it today with this week’s color palette. Inspired by spring, flowers and Easter, it’s all about pretty pastel shades of purple, pink, blue and mint. So pretty don’t you think? Also, these colors may slightly resemble those of my favorite Easter candy (Cadbury Mini Eggs, of course) and I swear that’s entirely coincidental.

Color Palette: Gladiolus and Nimbus


[Photos, from top: Joseph De Leo Photography | Sugar and Charm | Jose Villa from Style Me Pretty.]