What To Wear: Welcome Spring

It’s the first day of spring – hooray! As excited as I am that winter is at least technically out the door, I have to admit that today isn’t feeling spring-like around these parts. It’s cold, gray and spitting snow. So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that spring dresses are still a ways off, but that doesn’t mean I can’t welcome spring with hopes of sunshine and pretty floral-printed scarves and cute flats in the meantime. If it’s feeling like spring in your neck of the woods, here’s what to wear while welcoming spring! Absolutely the brighter the better.

What To Wear: Welcome Spring

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At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

With a few hiccups last week, progress in the painting department has slowed dramatically around here. I’m definitely anxious to start knocking things off the to-do list left and right, but in the meantime we’re officially in limbo land. I’ve got a busy month coming up with projects and work-related obligations, so I’m feeling the itch to get the house feeling much more comfortable before all of that happens. Also, as of April 1 I’ll be in the new studio when I’ll need to get to work on getting all of that stuff unpacked and organized so needless to say I’m not super enthusiastic about the thought of having two completely unsettled spaces. So today I thought I’d share a few snippets from the moving diaries. Namely, a few of the things we have gotten unpacked and settled that are keeping me sane in an otherwise crazy house.

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

Our last kitchen was so teensy weensy that my much loved vintage canisters (scored on Etsy a zillion years ago) were tucked out of sight and out of use for over a year. Here one of the first things I did was wash them up and put them into use. The flour and sugar canisters hold extra partial bags of flour and brown sugar, while the coffee and tea canisters are loaded up with my Nespresso pods and a selection of favorite tea bags. (The rest are tucked in the cupboard above.)

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

In the cabinet that serves as the pantry, I’ve been working on getting all of our various grains, sugars, flours and seeds into mason jars and canisters. You know, instead of spilling and dumping all over the cupboards and onto the floor. In the front here we’ve got steel cut oats, chia seeds and flax seeds which we use on the regular. Behind and above there are canisters of quinoa, brown rice, barley and lentils. Even though I hate lentils. I keep trying to like them. Eventually I’ll give up.

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries  At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

One of the things I like to do whenever I move is make the place smell like home immediately. This candle by the Fleur Collection (in their Figure fragrance) is one of my current favorites and it was lit within minutes of us walking in the door to start dropping boxes. A big cylinder vase holds clementines. We eat tons of them so I just fill up the vase every week so they’re in easy reach and we can grab and snack at will. Plus it just looks pretty. I like pretty.

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

While these salt and pepper shakers look vintage, they’re actually reproductions that I picked up while in Portsmouth, New Hampshire a few summers ago. If you’re new around here you may not know that New Hampshire and Maine are my favorite road trip destinations. I snagged these babies at LeRoux and have been carting them with me from home to home ever since.

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries  At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

Elsewhere, this is going on just about everywhere you turn. Paint chips. Taped to everything. Seen here, I’m trying to make up my mind on a cabinet and/or wall color in the kitchen. Sometimes I think with the right paint color I can convince myself to deal with the 80s oak cabinets and other times I’m sure it’s a lost cause and they’ll need to be painted. Stay tuned on that one! To the right, I’m pretty close to deciding on a color for the front door, but what do you think? Any suggestions? The door opens up into the dining room so I think a fun hit of color could be really great in that room.

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

The painting that has gone on has definitely already made a big improvement! The walls of the living room are Sherwin Williams Aloof Gray 6197 and soon the dining room walls will be, too. It’s a cool, mid-tone gray with a slight green undertone to it, so it avoids looking too blue. It’s soft and moody and changes throughout the day which I really like – during the day it’s crisper and cleaner, at night it reads darker and cozier. Such a fun color.

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries  At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

More paint chips! The second from the top on the left strip is the aforementioned Aloof Gray. I’m debating the lighter shade above it (Sherwin Williams Frosty White 6196) for our bedroom or possibly the laundry room. Maybe the bathroom? I don’t know. Clearly there aren’t a lot of answers here. These moody teal and navy colors on the right are currently contending for a place in the little bedroom with the built-in desk as well as possibly to cover up the cheap faux wood paneling that runs up the stairs. Although maybe that’d be a good spot for the Frosty White? Again. I’m still sorting this all out. There’s lots of taping up paint chips and moving them throughout the house a few times a day. Then pausing, scrunching up my nose, tilting my head and then having two-sided conversations with myself about what’s working and what isn’t working so much. At least I’ve been able to scratch some options off the list entirely. That certainly helps!

At Home: Snippets from the Moving Diaries

And finally, this is Sassy! B’s parents have been in Hawaii on an amazing cruise for the last couple of weeks so Sassy has been hanging out with us while her mom and dad are off touring waterfalls and volcanoes and trying to avoid the last bit of winter. This is pretty much what she does all day. Follows me around, perches someplace comfy and stares at me, trying to figure out what I’m doing when I’m fussing with paint chips for the 96th time in a day. So stinkin’ cute.

Fingers crossed that pretty soon I’ve got something closer resembling real progress around here to share! In the meantime, I’m just trying not to drive myself crazy. It’s a constant battle, friends. Constant battle.

[Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]


Color Palette: Clover + Hellebore

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Is everyone donning your favorite green attire today? We celebrated the occasion on Saturday over dinner with friends and you can be sure I was rockin’ my favorite green dress. So today it would be completely inappropriate to have anything but a color palette full of Irish greens. Clover, hellebore and vine, oh my. In honor of today, I thought I’d share my favorite Irish blessing with you.

Color Palette: Clover and Hellebore

An Irish Blessing | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top: Amanda Janes Jones | Jessica Peterson for Aubrey Nelson | Ashley Seawell via Southern Weddings.]

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Friday Link Love + 3 Lucky Charms Recipes

Why has it never dawned on me that Lucky Charms are the perfect ingredient for any number of St. Patrick’s Day sweets? I’m seriously failing over here. Luckily for all of us, brilliant people with an affection for Lucky Charms do exist and, man, they’ve pulled out all the stops to lure in the kids with the sweet toot. (Uh, like me.) I’m going to be spending today tying up some loose ends still hanging around from our move, but I couldn’t run off for the weekend without hitting you up with three of the most inspired Lucky Charms recipes I’ve caught wind of this week. Plus your weekly dose of Friday Link Love, of course! See you here on Monday – happy weekend! xoxo

Lucky Charms Recipes | The Sweetest Occasion

[Lucky Charms Recipes: Boozy Lucky Charms milkshakes | Lucky Charms cupcakes | Lucky Charms treats.]

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Three Old Kitchen Things

Three Things: Old Pretty Kitchens | The Sweetest Occasion

Guys. I have paint in my hair. Primer under my finger nails. And a bit of project regret lingering in my gut. Ugh. So dramatic. But seriously, I have spent hours this week with paint brush and roller in hand. I’ve been tackling the living room in our new place, from walls to ceilings to trim. Literally everything needed paint. The walls had endless holes and dents that had to be patched and sanded, and numerous stains to be scrubbed and dust to be cleared. But despite the crick in my neck and the calluses forming on my hands, I am so excited about how it’s coming together. The only problem? Once one room starts looking shiny, fresh and new, the old dingy state of the others becomes even more abundantly clear. In particular, that kitchen! I can see it right now. Leering at me from the doorway of the living room in all of it’s 80s golden oak glory. Sadly, all the original character of our 1908 has long since been cleared out of the kitchen, but that doesn’t keep me from being inspired by these old, pretty kitchens where great light, a coat of white paint and functional accessories reign supreme. There are no zillion dollars renovations in these kitchens, friends. There’s simply thoughtful design, a few pretty touches and well-loved carafes, tea kettles and knives on display. Rather beautiful, don’t you think?

Here’s to the power of paint and loading up a room with the pieces you love! And to fingers crossed that I’ll have some it’s-getting-there progress photos to share with you next week.


[From top: Melissa Kaseman from Design*Sponge | Manhattan Nest | Cindy Loughridge from SF Girl By Bay.]