Loving Popsicles

I’ve been mildly obsessed with wanting to make homemade popsicles lately and now that the summer heat and humidity has shown up in full force, I’m thinking I have to make it happen. I love the idea of making homemade treats to beat the summer heat. Using fresh fruits and even champagne or prosecco puts a grown up twist on this classic treat. Or skip the booze and get the kids involved in making their own summer snacks. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

{Photos by Desserts for Breakfast | Dandy Sugar.}

{Photos from Julip Made | Endless Simmer.}

{Photos by Bakers Royale.}

{Photo by Rose Married.}

{Photos by Butterfly Foodie | Bakers Royale.}


DIY Pencil Holder

It may be my architecture background, but I absolutely love colored pencils. I keep an over-priced set at my desk for sketching and doodling so I fell in love with this DIY pencil holder shared by Andrea of Strawberry Chic. You can bet I’ll be making one of these as soon as I can score the perfect piece of salvaged wood to make it happen. Of course, you can use this for more than just colored pencils – all of your pens and pencils would be happy hanging out deskside in a pretty holder.

Supplies –

  • Hand saw
  • Small slice of wood either from a large branch or tree base (mine is a piece of poplar about 6″ in diameter)
  • Drill (with a drill bit size of about 7/16″)
  • Sand paper

Step 1. Using a hand saw, carefully cut your wood piece to the desired height.

Step 2. Drill holes into the top of your wood piece. You can drill in a pattern or randomly.

Step 3. Sand down the edges and add pencils. (It’s that easy!)

{DIY project + photos by Strawberry Chic.}


Quirky Custom Illustrated Wedding Invitations

I’m a long time fan of MaeMae Paperie over here so I shouldn’t have been surprised to fall in love with these incredibly sweet custom wedding invitations Megan recently created in partnership with the bride, talented illustrator Debra Chow. Debra created a series of illustrations reminiscent of Polaroids depicting different scenes from her relationship with her fiancé. Megan then created the gorgeous wedding invitations and tags, which were all bundled up in a cute box. Don’t you just love these? I can’t get enough of beautiful stationery infused with unique personality. These do the trick for me.

{Photos from MaeMae Paperie.}


Party Palette: Summer Coral + Granite

This week’s color palette was inspired by a Facebook fan who chimed in on my call for color palette ideas with a request for coral and gray. It seemed like the perfect color palette for the first week of summer so away I went! This really is the perfect combination of colors for summer weddings. Fresh shades of coral, sherbet and apricot balanced out with shades of warm and cool grays for a vibrant yet sophisticated look. I love everything about it.

{top. Rebecca Wood Photography via Style Me Pretty. left. Martha Stewart via Ritzy Bee. right. MaeMae Paperie.}


DIY Glitter Cupcake Stand

Hi all! It’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt bringing a “I saw it and had to make one” kinda DIY. While I was visiting family, I saw the cutest little display of cupcakes in a shop window. Among them, a single cupcake stand, maxed out in shiny sparkles. The girl didn’t know the source, so I decided to trek on into Michaels to see what I could do. Alas, I couldn’t find fancy German glitter that the original seemed to be made of but I did find a champagne colored glitter on the Martha Stewart aisle.

Supplies –
Round small wooden box
Wood candle stick
Fine glitter
Wood glue (like Gorilla Glue)
Craft glue

Separate the wood box pieces. We will just be using the lid. The wood candlestick I found had a metal insert for the candle. I couldn’t get mine out so I pushed it in with a screwdriver (you won’t see it later, anyways.) I also sanded the top of the candlestick flat. Test this by setting the box lid on top to see if it sits straight.

Run a bead of  wood glue around the top of the candlestick and place upside down, centered, on the underside of the lid. Let dry completely according to glue’s directions.

Now comes the messy part. Get a large baking sheet or dish and set the cakestand inside.

Using a brush, cover a small portion of the candlestick with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Repeat until the whole stand is covered. Let dry and repeat on any thinner coverage areas until you are sufficiently sparkly.

This would be gorgeous if you did the glitter in an ombre. For ombre, after a full coat of glitter, recover the bottom with a second color, blending as you go up. This baby is perfect for desserts in wrappers, as it is not food safe – but it sure is cute!

{Photos by Hank + Hunt.}