Friday Link Love

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. I’m looking forward to the first weekend at home in a few months. There will be much gardening and belated spring cleaning happening around here. What’s on deck for you this weekend? I hope it’s a lovely one…see you on Monday! xoxo

Love letterpress? Why not wear it?

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More pretty cake bunting.

Free printables + stripes = yes, please.

The proper crediting campaign goes print. (Love this.)

Perfect idea for a picnic.

Loving the new Oh Happy Day.

I have a packaging crush.

Good talk about great hostess gift ideas going on here. Join us!

{Photo by Buzzy Boy.}


DIY Glitter Cake Bunting

Hey there dolls! It’s Chelsea again, from Lovely Indeed, swinging by to share a glittery little DIY. Today we’re making a sweet, simple cake topper for your next festive occasion.

Supplies –
embroidery thread
Elmer’s glue
glue gun
tall lollipop sticks

Start by cutting bunting flags from your cardstock, one inch tall and  2 centimeters across the top. Depending on how large your cake is, you may need more or fewer flags, but a 9-inch cake needs about 20.

Next, spread Elmer’s on each flag and sprinkle with glitter (I used shades of blue and green from Martha Stewart’s Glitter Set.) Let them dry, then arrange the flags into two rows in an order that makes you happy. Cut two lengths of embroidery thread, each about 18 inches.

On the back of each flag, put a small dot of hot glue and sink the embroidery thread in. Continue until all of the flags are glued. For this 9-inch cake, I used 8 flags on the upper thread and 11 flags on the lower thread.

Tie the two threads together on both ends, making sure that the flags fall in two swags.

Secure the bunting to two lollipop sticks, either by knotting or gluing the thread to the sticks. Push the lollipop sticks down into your cake, and you’re done!  Stand back, admire, and eat. Have fun, DIYers – until next time! xoxo

{Photos by Lovely Indeed.}


A 30th Birthday Bash

Today I have a special treat for you. The lovely Victoria of A Subtle Revelry (a rockin’ party blogger and one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met) shared her recent 30th birthday party and you’re going to love every little bit. In lieu of creating one of the ever-popular 30 Before 30 list of goals, Vicky and her husband Matt made an unlist. They jotted down a list of the things they’ve learned along the way in life – humorous, wise, honest, and helpful lessons that they take with them and look to pass on to their own kids someday. I love this idea!

Vicky celebrated with just a few close friends with a backyard bonfire. They made ice cream floats (blush wine for the ladies and porter for the gents) and snacked on big bowls of movie popcorn. A matchstick candle made by gluing matches to a board in the shape of a big “30” served as their fire starter. This party was all about celebrating in sweet, simple ways while looking forward to all that life has yet to bring. I can’t think of a better way to say hello to your 30s, can you?

Many thanks to Victoria for sharing her awesome birthday celebration with us and a happy belated birthday! xoxo

{Photos by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.}


DIY Embroidery Hoop Cake Stand

Hello, hello! It’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt and boy do I have an easy peasy, cheap and peppy little DIY for you today! I was looking at my extra embroidery hoops hanging on the wall and got super excited. I had a visual of this cute little hoop as a cake stand and away I went. It was super easy and quick to make, I think it’s just charming.

Supplies –
embroidery hoop
jam jar with lid
fabric scrap bigger than the hoop
scissors and pinking shears
hot glue
foam board

First, cut the foam board into two squares. Place the embroidery hoop on a square and trace the inside of the hoop.

Cut straight lines close to the circle (think octagon) this will make it easier to cut a clean circle from the foam board by eliminating the excess. Then cut the circle, following the traced line.

Press into the embroidery hoop, trimming if necessary. It should fit snugly. Repeat with the second circle.

Cut a square of fabric about 3” larger than the embroidery hoop. Take the outer hoop off and place the fabric, right side up, over the inner hoop with foam board inserts.

Press down, smoothing fabric, with the outer hoop, and tighten.

Trim the excess fabric off with pinking shears.

Take the lid and separate it into two pieces. Run a thin bead of hot glue on the inside of the lid and press the lid insert in quickly.

Then, run a thick bead of hot glue along the top of the lid, and press in the center of the foam board. Let cool.

Fill the jam jar with various accoutrement, screw on the embroidery hoop lid, and now you have a perfect little cake stand.

You could do a whole dessert table, with various sized hoops and jam jars in different heights. Fill the jars with buttons, scrabble pieces, sea glass or paint the inside to match your color palette. Just changing the fabric on top can change the look from vintage to modern, while still keeping a homemade feel. Enjoy!

{Photos by Hank + Hunt.}


Party Palette: Clover + Persimmon

I love these color palettes because I get to continually switch things up. I have such a love for color. In fact, picking out paint colors has been my favorite part of renovating our first home and I’m actually pretty bummed that I’m down to the final few paint color selections. Today’s palette was inspired by colors reminiscent of the desert – crisp plant-like greens and warm shades of rust and orange.
{top. Pam Sattler. left. Erica Ann Photography via Ruffled. right. Heather Bullard.}