How To Set a Formal Dinner Table

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent a lovely weekend at home on the lake with my family and am excited to kick off a great week. I have lots of exciting new projects in the work that I can’t wait to share soon. In the meantime, I’m loving this guide to setting a formal dinner table from Mrs. Lilien. While I love casual entertaining, there’s part of me that just can’t enough of fancy wear-your-prettiest-dress-and-pearls dinner parties. Of course, dicephering your dessert spoons from your salad forks can be a tad confusing so Mrs. Lilien has the complete breakdown to help you set the perfect table.

Isn’t this great? Keep it in your back pocket for your next dinner party or holiday celebration and wow your guests.

{Design + image from Mrs. Lilien.}


Happy Friday!

Good morning, friends! Sorry for the lack of posts this week – I’ve been traveling for various obligations and there just haven’t been enough hours in the week. No worries though. I’ll be back next week with lots of pretty. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this gorgeous, colorful wedding from Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess on Style Me Pretty. I just can’t get enough. Happy Friday! xoxo

{Photo by Arrow & Apple via Style Me Pretty.}

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Pretty Red + White Wedding Flowers

Dani from Studio Fleurette shared these lovely florals she recently created and I loved them instantly. I’m a sucker for flowers clustered in vintage vessels and milk glass never gets old for me. I also love how centerpieces look with just one or two colors with minimal greenery. It’s a great way to create a lot of visual impact without having to invest in large, overly complicated centerpieces that, while lovely, can get very costly. There is something just so sweet and pretty about these flowers. Thanks for sharing your work, Dani!

{Floral design by Studio Fleurette. Photos by Emily Steffen.}


DIY Birthday Pinata

Hey DIYers! It’s Chelsea, back from my hangout at Lovely Indeed to show you an extra fun project I recently created for my niece’s first birthday. It’s perfect for any summer celebration, especially one with a little Mexican flavor. Today, we’re talking DIY pinatas!

Here’s what you’ll need:  some cardboard, an empty cereal box, tissue paper, masking tape, scissors, a glue stick, and pipe cleaners or thick twine. Start by cutting the shape of your pinata out of your cardboard. Cut out two identical pieces of your shape. I chose a number one, of course! Dimensions can be up to you; this number one is about 18 inches tall.

Next, cut out strips of your cereal box to use on the sides of your pinata. For this 18-inch tall pinata, I used strips that were three inches wide. Assemble your cardboard shapes and strips from the cereal box using plenty of masking tape, matching the edges neatly. Leave a flap open and untaped at the top of your pinata.

Next, prepare your tissue paper: leave paper folded as it comes in a fresh package, and cut of a two-inch-wide strip of folded tissue paper. Snip fringe about halfway up one side of the folded tissue paper. Unfold, and you should have a long strand of fringed tissue. Use as many colors as you’d like!

Once all of your tissue is fringed, grab your glue stick and start applying the fringe to the pinata form, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Overlap the tissue so that the only portion that shows is the fringe, and the un-fringed part is what gets glued down.

When you’ve covered the pinata, cut small holes on the open flap at the top, and corresponding holes on the top in a section that is taped down. String a pipe cleaner or twine through the holes to seal the top of the pinata. (If you’re filling the pinata with candy or treats, you can use the open flap to get your goodies inside!)

After you’ve sealed the pinata, string it up and admire! You can use them purely for decoration, or put it to use  – grab a bat and knock it around! This little project is an absolute blast to make, and even more fun once it’s done. Have a ball!

{Photos by Lovely Indeed.}


A 30th Anniversary Celebration

My lovely friends from Haute Papier shared the pretty surprise 30th anniversary party that co-proprietress Sarah planned for her parents recently and I am so excited to share it with you. The details are too sweet to resist! The party was designed in the same colors Sarah’s parents chose for their wedding thirty years prior and featured lots of lovely paper goods including Haute Papier’s signature letterpress coasters and pretty custom wine labels. While I love a gorgeous wedding, I can’t help but get especially mushy about a fabulous anniversary party. Seeing happy couples celebrate decades of love and commitment gets me every time.

{Photos by Haute Papier.}