DIY Tulle Fringe Garland

Hello, lovelies! It’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt, back with another garland DIY. A girl can’t have enough in her fete closet! I have long been ANTI-tulle…until now. This garland catches the light in an airy way that it is almost ethereal, perfect for a sip and see or a summer wedding at dusk.

Hang Garland

So, for this easy garland you will need a sewing machine. I know that scares some of you…but fear not. It is just a straight stitch. What does it all mean? It means you just center the layers of tulle and sew. No adjustments needed to the machine. When you turn on the machine and it has a default, automatic setting…that is the setting you will use. In a pinch, you could use a running stitch with needle and thread, but your make time will increase dramatically. The sewing machine method is truly easier. Bribe a friend who sews with cupcakes and she will be happy to spend the five minutes it takes to sew in exchange, trust me.

Supplies –

  • roll of tulle
  • twill tape or ribbon
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

Layer Tulle

On a large flat surface, roll the spool of tulle out 12 feet and cut. Reroll and cut the spool 3 more times, layering the tulle carefully on top of previously cut pieces. I did this on my kitchen floor. If you are careful to make the layers nice and flat, and try to get them lined up, it will save you time at the sewing machine. NOTE: for a fuller garland, add more layers here.

Center and Sew Straight Stitch

Keeping the layers aligned, sew a straight line down the center.

They don’t need to be perfect, just close.

Cut 2 ties

Trim each end of the garland even with the beginning of the stitch. Cut two pieces of twill tape for the ties, I made mine the same length as the width of the garland.

Sew Ties on Garland

Fold tie in half, making a loop, and insert garland end in between. Sew each tie on the garland, centered on strip.

Cut Fringe in Garland

Fold the garland in half (time saver) and cut a straight line, making fringe every 1 inch, down the entire length.  Be careful not to cut all the way to the center of the garland. (I stopped about ¼ inch to the stitch line.) And there you have it – hang and enjoy!


Summer Lovin: A Lemonade Stand

Nothing is as quintessentially summer as fresh lemonade served at a roadside lemonade stand. So often I think that simple, somewhat old fashioned things are still the best. Kids serving neighbors lemonade with pretty paper straws is an image that just sticks with me. So sweet and so nostalgic. Inspired to have your own lemonade stand this summer? Get the complete at One Charming Party. (Is it ok to set a lemonade stand up out front of our house if we don’t have kids?)

{Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat for One Charming Party.}


Sweet Finds: A Picnic Basket

My husband and I are celebrating our second anniversary this upcoming weekend so I’ve been keeping an eye open for unique gift ideas. Spied on Tiger in a Jar, I love this idea for a gift – a picnic basket filled with fun picnic essentials including a plaid blanket, funky Keds and pretty napkins among others. Isn’t this the best idea? The traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton so the picnic blanket seems particularly fitting. For our first anniversary we satisfied the paper gift tradition by buying a gorgeous screenprinted map from These Are Things. This year it looks like I’m going blanket shopping!

{Photos by Tiger in a Jar.}


A Surprise Wedding

I’ve been a huge fan of James Moes’s work for a long time. I just can’t get enough of his gorgeous images and this surprise wedding that he so beautifully captured is a new favorite for me. Dave surprised Heather with a proposal (and a surprise wedding ceremony!) on a beach in Tofino BC. See all the gorgeous images and read about how it all went down here.

{Photos by James Moes via Simplesong via Mindy Gayer.}


Friday Link Love

Seriously. Is it Friday again? Sometimes the summer weeks just zip by too fast! This weekend we’re off to the Chesapeake Bay area for the wedding of one of my lifelong friends. We’re stopping over in Old Town Alexandria tonight simply because I love it there and want my husband to get a little taste of the area. I’m so excited for our little road trip! Let me know if you have any suggestions for places to stop along the way and have a happy weekend!

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{Photo from Luxirare via Oh Hello Friend.}