Handpainted Valentines

I love every opportunity I get to share the work of Courtney from Swiss Cottage Designs. It’s always inspired, unique and sweetly modern. These colorful Valentines feature hand-painted typography with perfect detailing. I love the idea of a really special Valentine tucked inside a envelope filled with heart-shaped confetti. Aren’t these the prettiest?

Thank you for sharing, Courtney!

{Photos from Swiss Cottage Designs.}


Crafty Purple and Red Valentines Day Inspiration

On Friday I shared the gold glam Valentines Day table I put together and today I’m excited to share a punchy red and purple variation of the design, perfect for a really bright and cheerful Valentines Day celebration. I thought it would be fun to show how the same basic design elements (in this case the white linens, metallic gold paper runner and simple white vases and tableware) can be given a dramatically different look just by switching up a few details.

For this design I included DIY drink twizzle sticks, made simply by hot gluing metallic purple pom poms to the end of short sticks. Hearts cut out of double-sided gift wrap from Smock added lots of color and unexpected pattern. Using a paper punch, I punched out hearts and glued them to skinny dowels for a trio of cake toppers and used hearts atop metallic gold spray-painted favor boxes to tie the colors together. With the addition of rich purple anemones, the look was completely transformed. How can you put this to work for you? Buy linens and tableware in a neutral color in shapes and textures that you like, then switch up your look when entertaining with different color accessories. It really is that easy.

Just for fun, I’d thought it would be cool to share my design sketch for this project alongside the finished product. My typical design process usually starts with hunting around for inspiration in the form of a color palette or element I want to include. In this case, the shiny gold paper and the red and purple patterned gift wrap were my starting point. From there I sketch out some basic ideas and then go shopping for DIY materials and props. With a bit of luck, it all comes together as planned.

{Photos by Megan Dailor for Sweet Occasions Studio.}


Valentines Day Reflections

Good morning, friends, and happy Valentines Day! I have an overload of Valentines Day themed inspiration for you today, to get you in the mood for celebrating in ways large and small with your loved ones. To start the day, this incredible Valentines Day video from The Sweetest Occasion favorite Clark + Walker Studio, meant to serve as a sweet reminder of what Valentines Day and weddings are really all about. Love.

I love what co-founder Luke Walker had to say about their inspiration behind this video…

“For Valentines Day this year we wanted to put together something special. I follow many of the popular blogs out there, and I’m a huge sucker for the unique and fun details at weddings as much as anyone else. However as much as vintage soda bottles, large centerpieces, balloons, and other things make modern weddings so great, I want to take this Valentines Day to remind us all what weddings are really about. The wedding cliche always goes something like ‘after the wedding your cake will be eaten, your flowers will wilt, but you’ll always have your photographs.’ That’s absolutely true, however I’d like to add that while your wedding photographs will hopefully be something you always cherish what you will really “always have” after your wedding is your spouse, your relationship, your family, and your love. That’s what weddings are truly about, regardless of what’s hip or in magazines. Being in love, and sharing that amazing feeling with so many of the people who are important in your life. Watch with us as we remember, here on Valentines Day, why weddings are truly amazing. The people.”

Big thanks to my friends at Clark + Walker Studio for sharing this video. Am I the only one who teared up while watching it? Grooms. Crying. It gets me every single time.

{Video by Clark + Walker Studio.}


DIY Pom Pom Heart Topper

Hello and happy Saturday to you! This is Jenny from Hank + Hunt and since Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, I have a quick little tutorial for some lovely cupcake toppers. This little heart pom pom topper is as easy as making a pompom.

pom pom maker (I prefer Clover brand, and used the 2.5″)
lollipop sticks
hot glue

Following the instructions on the pom pom maker, wrap the yarn around each side, thoroughly.

Carefully cut the loops in half, following the channel.

Using a piece of yarn, tie a knot around the yarn pieces, right around the center (where you just cut) and pull tight.

Pull the sides of the pom pom maker apart. Roll the finished pom pom in your hands to fluff.

To trim into a heart shape:

a.) Trim a diagonal line (about 45 degrees) around the bottom of the pom pom, like a cone shape.

b.) Trim a channel in the center across the top, front to back, like a reverse mohawk.

c.) Now your pom pom resembles a shaggy heart, continue to trim into a puffy heart shape.

Place a blob of hot glue on the end of a lollipop stick and insert into the bottom of the heart pom pom.

Enjoy! You could use these little heart poms at a placesetting or string together to make a garland!

{Photos by Hank + Hunt.}


Gold Glam for Valentines Day

Yesterday I told you a little about the sleek and modern Valentines Day shoot I styled for a fun little design challenge over at A Subtle Revelry. Today I’m happy to share the details with you! I collaborated with my girl Megan on this shoot, which never fails to be a great time. Megan is a kick ass photographer by day and I’m pretty sure she moonlights as a rock star by night = she’s my kind of gal. Needless to say, when we get together it’s all fun, which is exactly what this shoot was all about.

When thinking of the timing of the design challenge, I immediately felt inspired to create a modern, sleek Valentines Day look and I wanted the interest to be in the textures with simple, handmade details to make it one of a kind. I found a great metallic gold gift wrap at Hobby Lobby that was the perfect weight to use as a table runner and for crafting, ultimately becoming the inspiration for the glittery details incorporated throughout. I mixed the reflectivity of the gold paper with textural white linens, sculptural white vases and simple white tableware.

White and gold took center stage, with bright pops of color from vibrant red anemones and a few raspberries tossed in with the champagne. The overall look is sleek, modern and a touch glitzy without a lot of fuss. Simple favor boxes – just cardboard boxes spray painted gold – and cupcake liner flowers (see Carter & Cook’s blog for a DIY how-to) at each place setting are fun extra touches. Along with a cluster of paper flowers on top of a simple white cake from famed local grocery store Wegmans, the look is fresh and polished.

I envisioned this as a romantic Valentines Day dinner for two or the inspiration for a great sweetheart table at a wedding, but it would also make a lovely little proposal dinner, too, don’t you think? (By chance there are any guys reading, you should really take me up on this – she’d be blown away.) There is still time to leave a little love on the official contest post, so please pop over if you feel so inclined! xoxo

{Photos by Megan Dailor for Sweet Occasions Studio.}