Girly Pink Birthday Inspiration

I just stumbled upon this birthday party inspiration board from Grey Likes Baby and thought it was just the prettiest thing. Soft shades of blush and ivory paired with the sweetest touches of tulle and glitter is the perfect inspiration for a completely girly celebration that avoids feeling bubble gum or overdone. I love this!

{Sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. Max Wanger for Bando via Oh Joy 2. Debee Campos 3. Bakerella 4. Confetti System via The Selby. Inspiration board by Grey Likes Baby.}


DIY Just Married Banner

Hey, friends! It’s Chelsea again, slipping away from Lovely Indeed for a bit to share another fun wedding DIY with you. Who wants to deck out their wedding getaway car with old tin cans, when you could have this beauty instead? How about a sweet little “Just Married” banner for the newlyweds?

Supplies –

  • two colors of fabric
  • download and print this free template
  • straight pins and scissors
  • a spool of 1/4″ ribbon
  • a sewing machine
  • Stitch Witchery and an iron
  • strong magnets like these or extra-strong suction cups

First, download and print your free template. Cut around each letter, pin the letters to your fabric, and cut the fabric into the letter shapes. It’s up to you whether you’d like to dot your I and J with hearts or not. If not, just cut out two small circles from your fabric for the dots. But be sure to cut out at least one heart. Next, from your other fabric, cut out 12 rectangles, each 4″ by 6″.

Heat up your iron and use your Stitch Witchery to affix one letter to each rectangle. The tiny heart gets its own!

After your letters are all ironed on, arrange them in the correct order (can you imagine if it said “I Just Marred?” Ha!) and sew one long piece of ribbon across all of the letters. The ribbon should line up with the top edges of the rectangles. Use a straight stitch for the cleanest look. The ribbon should be about 6 feet long (letters measuring approx. 5 feet total, with some extra ribbon length on each end).

Now that you’ve got the banner finished, find the best way to attach it to your car! If you can find a place to tie it on, go for it. If not, you can find extra-strong suction cups at a craft store, and use those to anchor each end of the banner by tying the ribbon to the suction cup hook. Then, you can place one of these tiny magnets at the very top of each flag on the banner to secure the middle portion. They’re so small you almost can’t see them!

Make this for your own wedding, or surprise some friends with it on their getaway car.  It’s so charming you can’t help but smile, and a perfect way to head away from a wedding in style!  xoxo

{Photos by Lovely Indeed for The Sweetest Occasion.}


Announcing: Scratch Weddings Thursday Happy Hour

New York City area couples take note! A while back I raved about Scratch Weddings and their powerhouse team of incredibly talented DJs, available for travel to a wedding or party near you. Next week, Scratch Weddings’ DJs will be showcasing their talent at the Scratch Weddings Thursday Happy Hour. The event is free (you can RSVP here) and sure to be a great party! Join other engaged couples and get an early start to the weekend cooling off with a cocktail and great music from Scratch Weddings’ marquee DJs at their Cooper Square studios. Wondering how Scratch Weddings can take your wedding to the next level of fun? Drop by and check ’em out!

{Photo from Scratch Weddings.}

This post was sponsored by Scratch Weddings.


Party Palette: Vintage Bike Blue

This party palette is all about the fabulous vintage bicycle for me. I so wish we lived in an area that made cruising around on a cute bike possible. Here, navy blue plays nicely with happy shades of peony pink and deep orange for a combination that is both preppy and sophisticated.

{top. Elizabeth Messina for Mindy Weiss / Rue. left. Virgil Bunao via Style Me Pretty. right. The Late Afternoon.}


Summer Snippets

I don’t know about you, but my summer is shaping up to be quite eventful! There have been so many life changes in the last couple of months, tons of travel and as many stolen moments for lounging lakeside and sipping on a frosty beverage or two as I’ve been able to manage. Along the way I keep my iPhone at the ready where one of my favorite apps is definitely Instagram. As I’m getting back in the groove over here and catching up on a backlog of work from being away the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d share a glimpse of my summer Instagram style. What have you been up to this summer?

In mid June, my family held a hugely successful golf tournament in honor of my cousin Ryan. We raised over $10,000 for the New York Organ Donor Network!

Summer essentials: good beer and good snacks.

Also necessary, frozen drinks on the fourth of July.

A photo shoot I teamed up on with an amazing team of Syracuse wedding vendors. More coming soon!

Culinary adventures are always the name of the game. This summer we’re loving grilled pizzas with homemade crust. Delicious!

The newest addition to the family! Gabriella Jeanne.

Along the way, my nieces came to visit!

New projects abound!

Keeping summer tasty, Izze sent me some yumtastic flavors to try!

Highlights from one of my recent weddings, it was all about a rockin’ nautical/pirate theme!

{Photos by Cyd Converse.}