Pretty Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Good Monday morning, loves! I hope you had the best weekend. I attended the wedding of one of my bestest girlfriends in gorgeous Saratoga Springs and I’m looking forward to a week of gorgeous party and wedding ideas. Plus, my mom and I are throwing our 4th annual margarita party over the upcoming holiday weekend and it’s always a highlight of the year for me. So much fun this week! To kick things off, this beautiful inspiration shoot is brought to you by the talented Michaela of bliss! and her equally talented friend Lotta. (Lotta and Michaela are teaming up to launch the forthcoming Hey Look later this summer so stay tuned!) This inspiration shoot is all about beautiful and easy woodland-inspired wedding style. Sprigs of evergreen, textural succulents, a neutral color palette paired with crisp white linens, and fun forest details bring such a chic, nature-infused sensibility to this shoot. Every last detail is just beautiful.

Many thanks to Michaela and Lotta for sharing their work here on The Sweetest Occasion and keep your eyes open for Hey Look coming soon!

{Photos by bliss!.}


Happy Friday!

Well, friends, I had planned all kinds of things today. A recap of my favorite exhibitors at this week’s National Stationery Show. A whole bunch of Friday Link Love. Maybe even some form of waxing poetic about my love for this amazing industry. But it just didn’t happen. I’m exhausted from a couple of very long weeks and am looking forward to celebrating a good friend’s wedding in Saratoga tomorrow and, frankly, there are only so many hours in the day. Busy busy busy!

Next week I have so much to share. A stunning inspiration shoot that never quite made it to the blog this week. Stationery show highlights, including beautiful photos from the NSS Meet Up I was honored to co-host on Tuesday night, and my cousin’s wedding which took place in St. Pete Beach a few weeks ago. In the meantime, have a beautiful and happy weekend! And be sure to let me know how you enjoyed the first DIY Week. I’m looking forward to sharing lots more soon! xoxo

{Photo by Kelly Guenther. More to come next week!}

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DIY Fabric Pouch

It’s Chelsea, back from Lovely Indeed, with a quick and easy DIY sewing project for you! No joke – even a novice on the sewing machine (much like myself) can handle this one. Today, we’re tackling fabric pouches!

First, find some adorable fabric and cut a piece 5 inches by 15 inches. Pin and iron the edges to prepare for sewing a 3/8 inch hem.

Sew your 3/8 inch hem around all four edges using a straight stitch. Trim any stray threads.

Fold over about 4 1/2 inches of your fabric onto itself and pin at the edges. Sew the two open sides down using the same straight stitch. You can sew directly over your original hems. Trim threads.

You did it! Grab a length of ribbon (about 15 inches should do it) to wrap around your pouch and hold it closed. Finally, stuff it with whatever you’d like! You could use your pouch as a sachet and fill it with fresh lavender, or tuck some cookies inside and give it as a gift. These are so quick and easy you could even use them as favors at a shower or wedding, filled with candy or trinkets. Be creative and have a blast!  xoxo

{Photos by Lovely Indeed.}


Video Tutorial: Scoring Board Crafts

For all of you DIY and craft enthusiasts, we’re excited to be sharing a few of our favorite craft tools and how-to video tutorials so you can expand your crafting expertise. Ever get confused by how to use that shiny new purchase you scored at the craft shop? We’ve got you covered! Today, Jenny from Hank + Hunt is sharing a few great projects using the scoring board!


DIY Printable: Cupcake Protest Toppers

Hi all! It’s me, Chelsea, swinging by from Lovely Indeed to drop off a quick and easy DIY that you can print out and make in a flash. Today, we’re staging our own cupcake protest!

Have you ever really, really wanted to eat dessert, but had some sort of hangup about the calories involved? Well then this is the DIY for you! Today we’re protesting the idea of turning down dessert, and celebrating the sweet, delicious goodness of the cupcake! These cupcakes are riled up, and they’re not afraid to show it. Wanna stage your own cupcake sit-in? Here’s how.

Print out this template on cardstock and cut out your protest signs.

With a glue gun, place a large spot of glue on the back of each sign and sink a toothpick into the glue. Cover the spot of glue with a small strip of cardstock.

Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry, and sink your protest signs into some delicious cupcakes! Stage your protest at a party or bring a protesting cupcake to a friend who spends a little too much time at the gym. Let’s eat dessert! xoxo

{Photos by Lovely Indeed.}