Color Palette: Dandelion + Seedling

After a weekend of pouring over paint chips, it’s safe to say I’ve got color palettes on the brain in a big way right now. Yes, even more so than usual. While we’re gearing up for more snow and cold this week, let’s talk sunshine shall we? Because this color scheme is a huge dose of said sunshine! Yellow paired with these punchy shades of green is like a big ol’ bear hug from Spring, don’t you think? While you feast your eyes on all this happy yellow goodness, I’m off to officially start painting the living room and dining room. I’ll share progress soon!

Color Palette: Dandelion and Seedling

[Photos, from top: Giddy for Paisley | Idha Lindhag for Elle Interiör via SF Girl By Bay | Stephanie Fay from Southern Weddings.]

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Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 44

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Do you guys know Uncommon Goods? I’ve been a huge fan of their quirky and cool collection of home decor, entertaining pieces and accessories for quite some time now. We’re talking unique handmade and recycled pieces that will light up your next party or add that little something-something to any room in your house. Today I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorites, like this minimalist teak wall shelf that I think would be right at home in the new studio. I would love to load it right up with some of my favorites books and pretty little objects to keep me inspired while I’m working away. (Oh, and don’t even get me started on this cardboard unicorn bust!) For more of my favorites from Uncommon Goods, you can pop over here where I’ve collected a bunch of things that have caught my eye. But considered yourself warned! You’re about to have a wish list a mile long.

Home Decor from Uncommon Goods via @cydconverse

[Shop | 1: Birds and Bloom Art Print | 2: Wooden Wall Caddy | 3: Teak Wall Shelf | 4: Upcycled Glass Tumblers | 5: Dog bowls | 6: Bark cheese board | 7: Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand.]

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8 Delicious Irish Cream Recipes

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up next week, ain’t no doubt a whole lot of us are thinking about picking up a bottle of Irish cream in the next few days. From sipping it on the rocks to mixing up a classic Irish coffee, I always make a point to slip into the liquor store and leave with a paper bag holding a bottle of that yummy goodness this time of year. But what about Irish cream cupcakes? Or Irish cream ganache sandwiched between little shamrock cookies? Oh man. Too good, I’m telling you. So today I’m sharing 8 delicious Irish cream recipes that seriously have me drooling. Sign me up for an Irish cream milkshake!

8 Delicious Irish Cream Recipes | The Sweetest Occasion

[Irish Cream Cupcakes | Irish Cream Trifle | Shamrock Macarons | Irish Cream Cheesecake | Irish Cream Milkshake | Irish Cream Blondies | Irish Cream Mousse | Shamrock Cookies.]

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DIY Shamrock Straw Toppers

Ready or not, St. Patrick’s Day is on its way! In our town St. Patrick’s Day is some kind of a big deal. There’s a whole lot of dancing and green beer drinking and general leprechaun antics that go down every year. Maybe it’s for that reason, but I have to say that I’ve always loved St. Patrick’s Day! If nothing else it’s such a great excuse to celebrate. This year I whipped up these fun little straw toppers perfect for adorning everything from cocktails to milkshakes to iced Irish coffee. (Or green milk for the kiddos for that matter!)

DIY Shamrock Straw Toppers

You can make these sweet DIY shamrock straw toppers with the most basic of supplies. I use metallic green gift wrap (although construction paper would work just as well) and otherwise you just need some cute straws, a piece of cardstock, scissors and a pen or pencil. So easy! They’re the perfect way to add a festive punch of green to your St. Patty’s Day. Pop over to Momtastic for the how-to and happy shamrocking!

DIY Shamrock Straw Toppers


[Photos by Cyd Converse/The Sweetest Occasion for Momtastic.]


At Home: Our New [Rental] House

Last week when I mentioned that we were moving over the weekend, I promised to share photos with you this week. Keep in mind, these photos are very much “before” photos, for sure. We have a lot of plans for updating the space and making it our own (many of which revolve around paint and other similar budget-friendly upgrades), all of which I want to share with you as we move along. This week I’ve been focusing on trying to clean (because the last tenants didn’t see fit to clean up behind themselves) and sort boxes into appropriate rooms so that later in the week I can start fun tasks like patching nail holes and prepping for paint. But anyway. I’m rambling and overwhelming myself with the task at hand. Let’s just jump into the photos shall we?

The Sweetest Occasion At Home: Before Photos

As best as my research can tell me, the house we’re renting was built in 1908. So we’ve got the joys of 100+ year old hardwood floors…and that’s about it, unfortunately. Someone came through in the 80s and made some pretty sad “upgrades” namely removing all of the original woodwork, doors and trim and replacing it with that 80s golden oak that we all pretty much loathe. But layout! We’ve got a layout that is really going to work for us and just over 1350 square feet and just about 3/4 of an acre. Those things are worth their weight in gold. Or golden oak, as the case may be. The room above is the dining room, which opens up into the living room. I have plans to paint out all the trim white, update the wall color, wax the wood floors and replace that light fixture. In the meantime, let’s dish about the windows, shall we? Because this little abode boasts loads of natural light and lots of windows, two things you can’t put a price tag on. The morning and afternoon light is so gorgeous that it makes me really happy and let’s my brain immediately see all the potential hiding in the walls of this little house.

The Sweetest Occasion At Home: Before Photos The Sweetest Occasion At Home: Before Photos

Upstairs there are three bedroom. And guess what? We’ve got attic ceilings! Some might see this as a downside and it’s certainly a design challenge, but I kind of love them. I think they give the house a really cozy cottage vibe that I adore. Now, B, who stands well over 6′ tall may find them entirely less fun than I do, but he does agree they’re pretty cool. These photos show two of the bedrooms. The one on the left had these cool pine plank floors when we saw the house initially, but the other two bedrooms were carpeted. Old, dark, dingy carpet. So being the lady that I am, you can bet I was literally on hands and knees in the closet of the master bedroom (the photo to the right), tugging on carpet to see if those pine floors ran underneath. And woohoo! They did. So the carpet actually came out before we moved in and instantly the rooms felt so much brighter and larger. (I’ll share more on that soon!) The pine floors definitely give it that fun cottage feel that makes me really happy and was an instant update that started to make the place feel a lot more like we envision it being when all is said and done.

The Sweetest Occasion At Home: Before Photos

The living room sings them same tune as the dining room for the most part. Loads of windows and lights, those old hardwood floors that need some TLC, and a really good layout and size. With some wall patching and painting, a good coat of paint on the ceiling and all of the trim painted out and freshened up, this room is going to be perfect for cozy movie nights and gathering with friends and family. Oh! Did I mention we moved next door to B’s sister? We’ve already loving having her kids in and out of the house and I suspect the weekends and summers will basically turn our respective entries into revolving doors as kids run back and forth. A huge reason why we decided to move to this particular house was because of how much the kids love spending time together. Having grown up on the same street as all my cousins, as adults we’re all as close as siblings and I’m really excited for this gaggle of little people to have that same experience. So fun!

The Sweetest Occasion At Home: Before Photos

Yay, 80s kitchen! Stop it, you, with your jealousy. I know you’re envious of even more golden oak (!), the fancy pants linoleum floors (!!), and that amazing faux tile backsplash wallboard stuff (!!!). I like to make fun of this kitchen, but really I already love this room. It has a much better layout and so much more space compared to our last kitchen. More storage, more work surface, a much more logical layout, and a pair of huge windows that flood the room with light and make it feel happy. I have a lot of ideas in mind for how to update this 80s-tastic rental kitchen without breaking the bank so this is one of the rooms I’m most excited to transform and share with you along the way. Can’t wait. Seriously.

You can expect a lot more photos in the next few weeks! Our budget isn’t huge and we’re going to be tackling all of the work ourselves, but I’m confident that with some patience, determination and sweat we can definitely make this little rental house one we’re happy to call home. Hopefully for a really long time. Or until we buy a house in a few years. Whichever comes first. Thanks for joining me on this journey! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. And now, it’s back to cleaning and organizing. More to come!

[Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]