Nutella Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

Did you guys know I’m now contributing over at Momtastic? Each month I’ll be sharing inspiration for home and entertaining along with a handful of original DIY tutorials and recipes. Today I’m sharing my favorite Nutella hot chocolate! Topped with cinnamon whipped cream it’s seriously some kind of heaven. In a mug. Perfect for winter! Because the 10″ of snow we’ve gotten today tell me it’s still very much winter around these parts. Pop over to Momtastic for the recipe!

[Photo by Cyd Converse/The Sweetest Occasion for Momtastic.]

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Guess What? We’re Moving!

Guys. We’re moving! If you’re keeping track, this will mark my 12th move in 7 years. Can I tell you how much it pains me to write that? It has gotten a bit absurd. But add together a couple of careers changes, three relocations between cities and a handful of major life overhauls in the time since I finished graduate school in 2007, and well, I guess that’s how it goes. So anyway. Back to the point of this post! We’re moving. It happened somewhat suddenly and was in no way something we were planning for had you asked us a month ago. I  can tell you unequivocally that I was certainly not planning to be moving at the same time as planning for the new studio, but I guess that’s how life shakes out sometimes. So we’re rolling with it! As in, I’m positively up to my shoulders in stacks of boxes, trying not to have a nervous breakdown or otherwise lose my mind, and planning to bribe our friends with homemade chili and beer to help us move this weekend. Yes, as in two days from now.

The Sweetest Occasion At Home - Dining Room Inspiration

[Photo by Brittany Ambridge for Domino.]

Can we talk about the upside now? We’re going to be moving into a single family home with a big back yard and a playground across the street. The house has a great layout and loads of potential and we have a new landlord who is totally down with us doing whatever we want to make the house our own. As in he’s cool with us painting, planting a garden and generally switching things up however we want. Score! He’s even ripping out the old carpets in the bedrooms to reveal the pine plank floors underneath before we move in, because I’ll take pretty old wood over stinky old carpet all day long. As far as rental situations go, we hit the jackpot. It will take us time to go through and make it all look and feel how we want, but I’m so excited to take on the challenge as we’re really hoping this is a place we’ll call home for a good long while.

The Sweetest Occasion At Home - Bedroom Inspiration

[Photo by Melissa Oholendt from Style By Emily Henderson.]

I’m pretty sure you know the way my mind works by now. As soon as we knew we were moving, my brain snapped into planning mode. I’ve already plotted out where a majority of our furniture and artwork will go and I’m working on finalizing paint color selections. Right now I’m leaning toward painting every room the same color, probably some very pale gray shade, to help maximize the flow and keep everything feeling light and airy. Plus it would provide the perfect canvas for our mix of vintage, modern and industrial pieces. I love color but tend to prefer it more in linens, textiles and accessories than on my walls. These images here are some of the ones I have hoarded to help me narrow in on the look and feel for throughout the house.

The Sweetest Occasion At Home - Kitchen Inspiration

[Photo by Colin Price via Brick + Mortar.]

I took a bunch of before photos to share with you, but frankly I haven’t even had time to look at them since taking them last week. It has been that kind of craziness working to make this move happen under the gun as we are. But I promise I’ll share those early next week, ok? Because hopefully by then I’ll have regained at least a touch of my sanity. Honestly, I’m looking forward to being moved and surrounded by boxes on the flip side of this move more than I can tell you…if for no other reason than wrapping glassware gets really old really fast when you own as much of it as I do. (And, no, there’s no such thing as too much glassware, ok?)

The Sweetest Occasion At Home - Kids Room Inspiration

[Photo by Joe Schmelzer for The Animal Print Shop.]

All of this to say, I am apologizing right up front for being a bit spacey this week. I’m focusing right now on meeting a few deadlines today and then all of my attention will be shifting to finishing packing. We’ve been moving right along and have already delivered a few carloads to the new house, but there is still a long way to go. Saturday morning ’round about 10am this moving party is on like Donkey Kong! I’ll be passing out cups of coffee, cheering on B and his buddies as they do fun things like move appliances in the snow and trying not to annoy people with my constant chatter about being ginger with all of the boxes marked “FRAGILE” in big huge Sharpie letters. Ugh. I sound horrible don’t I? I swear, I’m actually a barrel of fun. But this move? It’s stressing me right the heck out. Clearly I need to stop moving!

The Sweetest Occasion At Home - Living Room Inspiration

[Photo by Jessie Webster from The Glitter Guide.]

So I’m off like the wind to get to it and make a mile in the packing arena. I’m going to tackle the kitchen this afternoon, which always proves to be a time consuming process, because I have it in my head that I have to collect and hoard every spoon, canister, teapot and saucepan that strikes my fancy. Serious first world problems, friends. I’ll be back tomorrow with your weekly dose of Friday Link Love, but otherwise I’ll see you on the flipside!


3 Fun + Awesome DIY Cake Toppers

Hands down one of my favorite ways to deck out a party is with a fabulous cake topper. Want to know a little secret? If I’m pressed for time (or I’m just feeling lazy) I have no problem hitting up the local bakery for a cake. I’ll pick up a cake that’s simply frosted in white buttercream and then top it in some awesome fashion. These fun cake toppers are inexpensive and quick to make, making them perfect for a party cake on the fly. Whether it be for a birthday party or brunch with the girls, withthese beauties in your crafting arsenal, you can’t go wrong.

DIY Eat More Cake Topper

Would you believe me if I told you that this cake topper is made from recycled calendar pages? Shut the front door! That’s the epitome of genius (and budget-friendly) in my book. Hop over to Paper & Stitch for the tutorial.

DIY Balloon Animal Cake Topper

I’ve loved balloon animals for as long as I can remember. They’re just the essence of carefree childhood fun. If you can blow up a balloon, you can whip up this cake topper in no time! Visit Studio DIY for the tutorial.

DIY Kite Cake Topper

Especially fun for a spring gathering, I love this kite cake topper! It’s easier to make than you think with tissue paper, glue and wire. Hop over to Oh Happy Day for the tutorial.

[Photos, from top: Sarah Eddy for Paper & Stitch | Studio DIY | Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day.]


10 Glitzy DIY Oscars Party Ideas

10 DIY Oscars Party Ideas

Is anyone else pumped for the Oscars this weekend? Because I always find myself really excited for all the glitz and the glam. I’ll be real upfront with you and admit that I’m a sucker for the red carpet perhaps most of all. Academy Awards fashion is always awe-worthy and completely inspiring to me. So today we’re talking about Oscars parties! How you should absolutely host one and how you can make your shindig completely glam with just a few glitzy touches. Beyond that, it’s really just about a big bowl of popcorn and a few bubbly cocktails and let the star-watching commence!

Ready to take in Hollywood’s biggest night with a bit of glamor? Click through for 10 glitzy DIY Oscars party ideas!


Color Palette: Radiant Orchid + Sweet Pea

The statement I’m about to make may draw into question my sanity, but I’ve decided I’m ok with that. So here goes! This year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid was an utter disappointment for me, for many reasons. Why do I care? I don’t even know. It’s entirely irrational I’ll be the first to admit. But after last year’s home run (oh, you beautiful Emerald, you) I was really just feeling meh about this whole Radiant Orchid thing. (I told you! Utter insanity.) So today’s color palette is all about celebrating the fact that this color is finally starting to grow on me. Paired with other berry and floral inspired shades of purple and pink, I might actually be prepared to say I think it’s outright lovely. It’s like a burst of summer in the late weeks of February. That’s the kind of lovely I like.

Color Palette: Radiant Orchid and Sweet Pea

[Photos, from top: IKEA | A Little Dash of Darling | BRIDES.]