Color Palette: Wildflower + Old Gold

Hello, sweet friends! Did everyone have a nice weekend? I know we loved having an extra day to relax and tackle a few last minute preparations in advance of the school year kicking off tomorrow. Actually, I still have a couple of loose ends to tie up today so that the kiddos are ready for tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon my sister flies in for a few days so this week already feels like it’s going to shape up to be another busy one. In the meantime, let’s talk about this color palette, which in my mind is bridging the transition from summer to fall. Our yard is still spotted with colorful wildflowers, but already the sun is stretching a bit lower into the sky and evenings getting a bit more golden as the days inch shorter and shorter. So this fuchsia, magenta and gold color palette seems to fit the season perfectly at the moment. Hold on at least a little longer, summer! I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.
Color Palette: Wildflower and Old Gold from @cydconverse


[Photos, from top: Wendy's Lookbook | Hello Natural | Avenue Lifestyle.]


Last Minute Labor Day Ideas

Turns out, today marks the start of the last unofficial weekend of summer. Does anyone have any idea how that happened? Labor Day here in the States makes for an awesome long holiday weekend, one that feels bittersweet at the end of summer without all of the craziness of, say, July 4th weekend. We’re planning on a relaxed and slow this weekend and try to enjoy every last moment of it that we can. There are no elaborate plans, but for sure we’ll enjoy lingering over breakfast, sipping on a summery cocktail before the air gets chilly and maybe sneak in an ice cream cone or two. Here are my picks for last minute Labor Day ideas to inspire your weekend, too! See you on Tuesday when we’ll chat about things like, oh the start of football season. Because, duh, football. Happy weekend!

Last Day Labor Day Ideas from @cydconverse


[Watermelon mojitos | Herb ice cubes | Chambray and denim | DIY gold leaf checkers | Funnel cake cupcakes | DIY polka dot glasses | Summer frittata | Spiked watermelon ice pops.]

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Our Favorite Beers for Late Summer and Fall

While I would never call us beer aficionados, B and I really love trying new beers. Whether it’s a new seasonal release or something interesting on tap, we have a lot of fun exploring all the many awesome craft beers on the market. In general we’re huge fans of pretty much every variety of Samuel Adams with just a few exceptions. In summer we love a good shandy, hefeweizen or summer ale. In the next few weeks we’ll start to move a bit darker and by the time fall is in full swing we’ll be all out loving on various Octoberfest varieties, darker porters, harvest ales and pumpkin inspired brews. Today I’m giving you our favorite beers for late summer, transitioning into fall! Some of the summer beers are already becoming scarce in stores so when we find them we tend to stock up, but in late August I’m still not quite ready for fall seasonals. While we have a lot of other beers that we love, these are some of favorite go-to standbys this time of year. Is there any you’d recommend? We’d love to give them a try!

Favorite Beers for Late Summer and Fall from @cydconverse


[Leinenkugel Summer Shandy | Samuel Adams Summer Ale | Ballast Point Pale Ale | Blue Moon | Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat | Samuel Adams Boston Lager | Samuel Adams Octoberfest | Harpoon Pumpkin UFO | Abita Pecan Harvest Ale.]


Pretty Back to School Supplies for Grown Ups

Our summer schedule has been so hectic (in a really awesome way) between weddings, parties, family functions and trying to pack the boys’ summer vacation full of fun things like camping, swimming and trips to the water park. With the school year kicking off next week, I’m definitely feeling in need of some renewed organization to get my work schedule back on track. I haven’t been able to log as many hours as I’d have liked in the studio this summer so next week my focus is going to be all about setting some new work hours, getting the studio space finished (finally!) in time for the craziness of the upcoming holiday season. So here are a few things I’m loving right now, all which make me feel a little bit more inspired and give my inner organizer a happy little kick. Is anyone else shopping for grown up back to school supplies?

Pretty Back to School Supplies for Grown Ups from @cydconverse


[1: Stacked storage boxes | 2: Like a boss mug | 3: Tape dispenser | 4: Cow photo print | 5: Gold cake stand tray | 6: Felt tip markers | 7: iPhone case | 8: Fountain pen | 9: Forged iron utility shears.]


10 Best Back to School DIY Ideas

10 Best Back to School DIY Ideas from @cydconverseNext week marks the official start of the school year for us and I just can’t believe that summer vacation is nearly over! I know school has already started back up in many parts of the country, but I still wanted to take today to share some of the best back to school DIY ideas. I always loved starting the school year feeling fresh and organized and ready to tackle the academic year ahead. Did anyone else always feel that way?

From irresistibly cute printables to fun teacher’s gift ideas, there’s a little bit of everything here and a whole lot of fun for kicking off the school year with a bang. Ready to get started? Click through for 10 of the best back to school DIY ideas!

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