DIY Chevron Ring Pillow

Hello, hello! Once again, this is Jenny from Hank + Hunt, wishing you a happy day! I am bringing a little tutorial for a ring pillow. The ring pillow is a small detail, but incredibly meaningful. The ring pillow from my wedding was made by my mother-in-law from a very special heirloom handkerchief. Make your ring pillow even more memorable by sewing your own or having someone you love sew it for you. It’s really quite simple.

one yard of fabric
twill tape or ribbon
sewing machine
fabric (You can make a chevron out of any striped fabric. Yep, ANY.)

I recommend a using yard of striped fabric, folded in half and cut into 2” strips at a 45 degree diagonal.

Lay two strips together side by side forming a “V” design. With the stripes lined up, lay one strip on top of the other, right sides facing, and pin.

Sew a straight stitch down one side.

Repeat this with three more sets of two strips. Iron out the seams flat. Lay two sets next to each other, forming a “V” design like before, lay one on top of the other and pin and sew. Repeat until you have all the strips sewn together forming a chevron. Iron flat and trim and continue making your pillow below.

Here are the basic directions for a ring pillow:

Cut two pieces of fabric into 9.5” by 9.5” squares. When cutting, pay special attention to the pattern and design of the fabric. Stripes should be at a specific angle, florals should be placed strategically.

On the piece chosen for the top, lay flat and center the ribbon in the square, pin if needed. Thread the needle and knot at the end, so it doesn’t pull through. Push the needle through the center from the wrong side (bottom) of fabric. Stitch an “X” about 2-3 times to secure the ribbon down, finishing with the needle on the wrong side of the fabric. Tie ends in knot, trim.

Gather the ribbon and tape down. This will keep it from getting stuck in the edges while sewing.

Lay both squares, right sides facing each other, and pin 3 sides together. On the fourth side, pin also, but leave a 3 inch opening in the center. This opening WILL NOT be sewn with the machine, and will allow you stuff the pillow later.

Using the sewing machine, set at the basic settings, start a straight stitch at one side of the opening. Line the edge of the fabric up with the side of the foot. Stitch reverse for four stitches and then continue on to the corner, ending with the needle down and in the fabric. Lift the foot, turn the fabric 90 degrees, and set the foot back down. Continue sewing around all four sides until you end up at the other side of the opening. Stitch in reverse for four stitches and stop.

Trim the ends of the thread. Trim the corners at a diagonal. You now have a pillow, inside out. Pull the pillow through the opening. Using a stick or end of a bone folder, push out the corners until they look like pretty corners.

Stuff your pillow using fill of some sort. I had fiberfill, you can find it at your local fabric store, but you could use bamboo fill, or buckwheat/rice for a heavier, denser pillow.

Once filled, stitch the opening closed using a blind stitch. A blind stitch is a hidden stitch where you catch the inside of the fabric in small zigzagging stitches and pull closed. Make sure the fabric ends are folded in towards the inside of the pillow.

If you are planning on adding any embellishments to the top of the pillow, it is easiest to do this before sewing the pillow sides together.

An easy little ring pillow for a pretty little wedding. Enjoy!

{Photos by Hank + Hunt.}


Pretty Flower Girl Accessories

I love these pretty flower girl accessories from Untamed Petals. There is something about long ribbons, wreaths of flowers and whimsical headbands that remind me of a storybook. As a little kid I used to try and tie daisies together to make a little crown of flowers to wear around. It never seemed to work for me, but I’d have settled happily for skipping around in one of these pretty creations. In fact, I still would.

{Photos from Untamed Petals.}


365 Days of Breakfast

I’m a big believer in celebrating little every day moments. I like to take any excuse I get to make something special and do just that. So, when I recently discovered 365 Days of Breakfast, I fell immediately in love. A celebration of breakfast. Something so simple and yet, I’m finding, so very special. Beautiful photos, quiet moments, and endless inspiration.

{Photos from 365 Days of Breakfast.}


Party Shopping: Playful + Elegant Pink Wedding

Today’s shopping guide was inspired by this playful and elegant pink wedding featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs. The look is a mix of whimsy and super chic elegance, both modern and romantic. I love a wedding that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Even the most traditional of celebrations can incorporate fun, unexpected details that make it completely memorable and one of a kind.

{Photos by Erin Hearts Court via Elizabeth Anne Designs.}

To get this look, focus on combining cool paper decorations, lots of pretty pink, and timeless elegance paired with modern accessories like a chunky statement necklace. Mix vintage glassware with quirky handmade details like a unique lovebirds cake topper and keep the attire traditional black tie.

White honeycomb ball – Party City
Shipping tags – OfficeMax
Bird cake topper – Middleburg Folk Art Studio
Kraft paper envelopes – Paper Presentation
Pink cake stand – Fish Eddy
Pink cameo necklace – Forever21
Pink streamers – Party City


Friday Link Love

Has another week come and gone so soon? Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! We are getting a little wild and crazy and running a four miler this weekend, but otherwise it will just be a quiet weekend home with the pups. Maybe we’ll hit the dog park and hopefully I’ll get to play catch up on a backlog of work. What are your weekend plans? Make it a lovely one! xoxo

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{Photo by Portraits By Lucinda via Elizabeth Anne Designs.}