DIY Washi Tape Flatware

I’m running around from meeting to meeting today so it will be a little later before I have today’s “official” post up, but I just had to pop in to share this amazing DIY idea I just stumbled upon. Planning a party and want to add a little pizzazz to your table top? Why not decorate flatware with colorful washi tape in geometric patterns? Here they use disposable bamboo flatware in a great, vintage-inspired shape. I love how the pop of color adds instant style and excitement. I’ll definitely be trying this out!

{Photos from Etsy via Griottes.}


Party Shopping: Celebrating Fall

As much as I love summer and frolicking around barefoot in sundresses, there’s something so invigorating about fall. Now that fall is officially here, I’m so excited for all of the requisite seasonal festivities! My idea for the perfect way to celebrate? Go for a drive and spend an afternoon soaking up the sights of the foliage and collecting leaves, stopping along the way for a bushel of perfectly ripe apples and a big ol’ jug of apple cider. Cozy up at home in a big sweater and light tons of candles to compete with the dwindling daylight. Want to plan a more organized fall celebration? Channel the season with textural elements in earthy colors – think kraft paper envelopes, jute twine and bakery boxes perfect for sending guests home with little packages of apple cider donuts.

{Shopping guide: Scarf / mason jar mugs / field basket / kraft paper envelopes / twine / votive holders / wooden leaves / serving tray / bakery boxes / glitter.}

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Party Palette: Pumpkin, Navy + Magenta

Things are decidedly feeling like fall this week, so I thought I’d take today’s color palette in that direction with pretty, earthy jewel tones. I love this combination of magenta and navy with varying shades of purple and pumpkin orange. It feels warm and fall-like while still keeping an edge of fun and excitement. This may just be my new favorite color combination of the season!

{top. Jen Ramos via Cocoa and Hearts. left. Everything Fabulous. right. From Me to You.}


DIY Triangle Garland + Confetti

Hi there, it’s Jenny from Hank + Hunt, with a super simple DIY project from the blogger meet and greet – triangle garland and confetti! I am obsessed with all the geometric patterns out there lately and have taken a special liking to triangles. The extras from making garland were used as floor confetti. Yep…big giant triangles scattered on the floor to mimic the tabletop confetti = FUN!

Supplies –

  • triangle template
  • scissors
  • rotary cutter set {ruler, mat, cutter}
  • card stock in your favorite colors
  • Glue Dots
  • clear fishing line

Print out your triangle template and cut in half. Cut strips using a rotary cutter out of 2-4 sheets of card stock at a time. Each strip will make 2 double sided triangles for the garland or 4 giant floor confetti ones. I cut out a ton of strips first, and then went back to cut the individual triangles.

Holding your template on top of a strip, cut out a triangle. Use that single template and place on right side of strip, making two triangles: one covered by template and one not covered. Cut out template. Continue down the line with all of your strips.

Pull out a length of fishing line from the spool, I kept it on the spool until I used it, fishing line can get tangled easily. To make the garland, take one triangle, add two Glue Dots to the center of one side and to the opposite point side. Lay the fishing line down the center of both dots, and top with a second triangle of the same color. Repeat this step, placing triangles about 1″ apart, facing the same direction. Make the garland as long as you would like.

This is just as easy with small confetti. Cut 1 inch wide strips, and cut across diagonally making small triangles. Repeat for as much or as little confetti as you want. You can also make the strips thinner for smaller triangles.

I also attached some medium triangles to the cake stands.

{DIY photos by Jenny of Hank + Hunt, all other photos by Adele Cabanillas of Abigail Reese Photography.}


Bridal Fashion from

When shopping for my own wedding dress back in the day, I found myself falling in love time and time again with gorgeous designer dresses that I simply could not afford. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to look completely fabulous in the dress of her dreams on her wedding day? That said, it doesn’t mean we all have a limitless budget. Luckily, that’s where comes into play! With over 7,500 dresses by more than 200 different designers for sale at steep savings from retail prices, features all of the hottest designer names in dresses as well accessories, shoes, veils and more.

{Dresses by Vera Wang + Junko Yoshioka.}

With it’s easy to find your perfect dress by searching by designer, size, price, location, silhouette or more. Want a short dress? An over-the-top romantic ballgown? Or maybe you want something modern, sleek and elegant? has it all! You can even shop according to your body shape to seek out the dresses that will make you feel your best! also includes style tips for every body size and shape, helping you narrow in on the wedding day style that is perfect for you.

Not sure where to start with the hunt for your perfect dress? has all the resources to help. You can browse for inspiration with their Dresses We Love, Most Viewed, Best Deals or New Listings of the Week pages. Love your wedding dress and want someone else to love it just as much? After your wedding, don’t forget that you can sell your dress on, too! Here are just a few of my favorite dresses currently for sale…

{Dresses by Mikaella + Ellie Saab.}

{Dresses by Melissa Sweet + Oscar de la Renta.}

Happy dress shopping!

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