Color Palette: Denim + River

Friends! It’s camping week! I am so damn excited for our trip later this week that it’s outright ridiculous. I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty distracted over the next few days, kind of like a kid before summer vacation. I’ve loved camping since I was a kid and that love has only grown stronger as an adult. I love cooking over a campfire, spending my days with no makeup on and no agenda, just reading, fishing, swimming and hanging out. This week’s color palette is inspired by exactly that. It’s like your favorite worn-in denim, flip flop feet and slow, lazy canoe rides. Stay tuned! This week is going to be a full-on ode to my love for camping from recipes to cocktails to my tips for packing for your own camping trip. Camping = love.

Color Palette: Denim and River


[Photos, from top: A Blog About Love | Canary Grey via 79 Ideas | Jake Good.]


Three Milkshake Recipes + Friday Link Love

Hooray for Friday! A week from now we’ll be a day into our annual camping trip with a ton of our family and friends and I seriously can’t even tell you how excited I am. I look forward to this trip all year long and I’m so glad it’s finally almost here! This weekend we’re going to be working on final preparations for the trip, which we’ve been working on bit by bit for the last few weeks. B is also going to help me shoot a couple of posts for you for next week, which is basically going to be a celebration of camping as we gear up and head out on our camping adventure. In the meantime can we talk milkshakes? And how these three milkshake recipes have me drooling today? Don’t miss your weekly dose of Friday Link Love and I’ll see you here on Monday! xoxo

Three Milkshake Recipes

[Chocolate covered cherry milkshake | Chocolate coffee milkshake | Chocolate mint brownie milkshake.]




Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos

Is anyone else as obsessed with metallic gold temporary tattoos as I am at the moment? This is one of those trends that I think is absolutely amazing and I find myself hoping it sticks around for a long, long time. See, I’m a girl who is regularly awed by beautiful ink work, but ultimately has always been too chicken to commit to a real tattoo of any kind. While completely ink-free, I often find myself toying with the idea of marking myself with a tattoo the likes of which I’m always pinning, but these incredible temporary options make me feel like maybe that’s not necessary. Add in that gilded metallic touch and I’m completely in love. Has anyone played around with these yet? I’m thinking I need to amass a stock pile!

Loving Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos


[1: Tattly | 2: Flash Tattoos | 3: Flash Tattoos | 4: Lulu DK | 5: Tattly | 6: Moorea Seal | 7: Moorea Seal | 8: Lulu DK.]


My Quest to Start a Yoga Practice

I wanted to take a moment to chat with you guys about something slightly different today. Yoga! Specifically, how I used to practice semi-regularly back in college (primarily kripalu) and would love your thoughts and input on starting again. In the area where we live there aren’t a ton of local yoga studio options, making attending class in person a bit tricky. I’ve been trying to find a studio with a class schedule that suits my needs and it’s proving to be quite the struggle, which has lead me to think maybe I need to start at home at first. Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a little research and I’m feeling pretty befuddled. So I decided to turn this question over to you, friends! Any tips for starting a yoga practice, particularly from home? Any favorite online yoga programs, classes or sites that you love? I would really love your thoughts if you have any personal experiences to share!

Kelly Oshiro Yoga

I’ve previewed quite a few YouTube channels and streaming video sites that manage to feel really sterile and clinical, which is not at all what I want in a yoga experience. Frankly, it’s the mind-body connection that I am most wanting to tap into by resuming a regular yoga practice. I always loved how it felt to step out onto the mat and lose myself in the movement, the breath, the music, the meditation. And, I not-so-secretly would love to be one of those super bendy and flexible yoga fanatics a few years down the line. Is that a weird goal? But right now, it’s all about starting from the very beginning again and I’m looking for your help to make it happen! I’ll be sure to check out all your recommendations and share what I discover in case you’re interested in giving yoga a whirl, too. Many thanks in advance for any advice you might have! xoxo


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Summer’s 10 Best Grill Recipes

Summer's 10 Best Grill Recipes

So here’s a little secret. Only it’s not really a secret, but we’ll let that slide. B and I are pretty much obsessed with grilling. During the summer months we fire up the grill almost daily, grilling everything from veggies to fruit to skewers to sandwiches on the regular. We love hitting up the local farmer’s market, snatching up whatever fresh produce we can, tossing it in a good aged balsamic, a little olive oil and seasonings and then grilling everything to get those perfectly charred edges that taste so so amazing. So today I’ve rounded up 10 of the most delicious looking recipes just begging for you to get outside and cook over the grill.

Anyone else feeling hungry? Fire up the grill and check out summer’s 10 best grill recipes!