Happy Birthday, Baby Keegan!

Hi, friends! I am so so sorry for the unexpected radio silence the first part of this week. You see, I have a very good, very cute excuse. You may remember that about a month ago I hosted a baby shower for my cousin. She and I are about as close as two ladies can be. We grew up together on the old family farm, surrounded by an excess of boy cousins and brothers, and it was just she, my sister and I holding down the fort for the female contingency. Fast forward a few decades later and on Monday I got a call that she was headed to the hospital. One incredibly long night later, we welcomed this handsome little gentleman into the world on Tuesday morning. Being there to help her through labor and witness the moment she became a mother was indescribable. Not having biological children of my own, and this being her first baby, it was the most amazing experience to share together. After thirty years of skinned knees, picking out prom dresses, crying over boyfriends and generally being each other’s #1 partner in crime, this little guy takes the cake. He’s practically perfect in every way and I’m completely in love.


Meet Baby Keegan! I’m sure you’ll be seeing him around these parts from time to time. He was born 6lbs 13oz with a full thick head of hair and he captured my heart the instant he arrived. Yesterday I was down and out, completely exhausted from a night of no sleep, which is why there was continued radio silence yesterday. I do hope that you’ve been having an incredible week! I’m going to be spending some time preparing a few meals for the new mommy and daddy so they can be stress-free at meal time for the first several days now that Keegan is home. Do you have any favorite gifts or meals you like giving or receiving when a new baby arrives? I’d love your input! Oh, and to all of you moms out there, whoa. Just whoa. You are all rockstars. There is nothing like witnessing the birth of a baby to make you realize just how tough mothers truly are, and you are all my heroes. xoxo



Fabulous Fall Pancake Recipes + Friday Link Love

Friends, I’ve been on a major pancake kick lately. In all fairness, I’ve been a massive pancake lover basically my whole life, but in recent years I’ve moved toward egg dishes as my go-to weekend breakfast. The last few weeks though, I’m loving all the pancake things. So today I’m here to inspire you to spend a lazy morning this weekend eating pancakes and drinking coffee. From chocolate chip and pumpkin to oatmeal cookie inspired pancake recipes, there’s something here for everyone – even gluten-free and vegan options, too! Be sure to scroll down for your weekly dose of Friday Link Love and here’s wishing you a very happy weekend! xoxo

Fabulous Fall Pancake Recipes

[Chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes (gluten-free) | Banana nut muffin pancakes (vegan) | Oatmeal cookie pancakes (gluten-free) | Pear pancakes | Greek yogurt pancakes.]




Gorgeous Fall Lip Color

As I’ve entered my 30s, I’ve found myself wanting to experiment more with lipstick. Actual, real, grown up lady lipstick. I’m a gloss girl through and through. Usually tinted gloss with a good amount of pigment, but I’ve never strayed too far into wearing opaque lipstick. I find it kind of scary! Is that weird? Anyone feeling me? Right now I’m loving these rich lip color shades from Anthropologie, which are pretty perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday season. I want to be brave enough to rock one at a party or just out to dinner. Do you have any favorite shades you’d recommend? You can also check out Jordan’s search for the best red lipsticks, if you’re on the hunt, too!

Gorgeous Fall Lip Color


[Photos from Anthropologie.]


10 Scrumptious Pumpkin Desserts

10 Scrumptious Pumpkin DessertsIt’s no secret that this time of year there is no shortage of pumpkin flavored concoctions making the rounds. Last week, we talked about all things savory, with these 10 delicious pumpkin recipes. Today, as promised, we’re talking about all the sweet things! Ice cream, cookies, cheesecake. Pretty much all guaranteed to go perfectly with a cup of coffee or an after dinner drink this fall. Get ready to start bookmarking like crazy because these pumpkin desserts are going to take you from weekday treats right straight through holiday desserts with no problem.

Ready? And go! Click through for 10 scrumptious pumpkin desserts!


Color Palette: Cabernet + Pumpkin

As a rule I don’t gravitate toward orange and red colors. The exception to that rule would be in my accessories. Like this awesome black sweater cape paired with a red clutch. Now that, that, I can do. So with today’s color palette I’m embracing rich, saturated autumn-inspired shades of cabernet, pumpkin and cardinal red. When combined with black and a bit of shimmery gold, I think the look is super chic. Wouldn’t this make great inspiration for a fall dinner party? Lots of autumn flowers, black linens, classic white dinnerware and gold flatware. So gorgeous!

Color Palette: Cabernet and Pumpkin


[Photos, from top: Lovely Indeed | Damsel in Dior | Purple Tree via Style Me Pretty.]