6 Favorite Fall Things

A couple of weeks ago I shared 6 ways to cozy up for fall and now, wham! It’s October. Needless to say, I don’t quite know where the months have gone. Don’t we all feel that way when the last months of the year hit? Before you know it we’re all going to be making wrapping holiday gifts and pondering New Year’s resolutions and I’m just not ready to go there yet. I am, however, ready to soak up every last bit of fall that I possibly can, because I truly love this time of year. It’s my favorite time of year to try a new recipe or craft up a new project for the house. Here are 6 of my fall favorites of late! Is there anything fun you’re loving right now?

6 Favorite Fall Things

ONE If I were planning a fall wedding or a particularly festive shindig, I’d be all over this orange and chocolate cake. The simple, rustic look makes it so perfect for the season. Also, orange and chocolate. And cake. Those are all good reasons to love it in my book.

TWO I always feel really inspired to kick it up a notch organizationally come fall. Right now I’m plotting ahead for a lot of big changes for the site (both in terms of design and content) for 2015 and this Walt Disney quote from Adore Vintage is my muse at the moment.

THREE The arrival of fall always gives me the nesting bug. I like to scrub the house, swap out a few textiles, bring in new candles and maybe take on a little project or two.  At the moment I’m really digging this DIY copper curtain rod with the pretty finials.

FOUR It’s no joke that I am obsessing over waffles currently. While I haven’t busted it out just yet the season, I have a feeling our Belgian waffle iron is about to move into high rotation. These waffles with salted caramel sauce are topping the must-make recipe list!

FIVE I’m pretty sure this gorgeous fall-inspired floral arrangement is about as lovely as it gets. Designed by Erba Floral Studio, I love the pairing of dahlias and persimmons similar to this DIY arrangement from last week.

SIX I’ve officially started the transition to banish all of my favorite fresh summery scents from the house and move in all the warm, toasty fall fragrances. This Boulangerie Pumpkin Souffle candle is a favorite of mine and the packaging just makes it so pretty.



Shop by Color: Eggplant

Earlier in the year we had a pretty frank conversation about Pantone’s pick of Radiant Orchid as the color of the year, and I believe at that time I confessed that I’m not a huge purple fan. The exception to my purple rule, however, is deep rich eggplant. Especially this time of year! Paired with denim or rockin’ a bold lip, eggplant is just perfect for fall. Ok, I confess. There’s no way I could pull off a dark purple lip, but you’re obviously way cooler than I am and I know you can make it work. Same goes for this purple fedora. You’d look like so much better in it than I and would be the envy of my style dreams. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a pair of gorgeous earrings or another of these lovely eggplant accessories for fall. I am loving the look!

Shop by Color: Eggplant


[Shop | 1: Maxi dress | 2: Fedora | 3: Handbag | 4: Watch | 5: Wellies | 6: Lipstick | 7: Nail polish | 8: Earrings.]

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Color Palette: Tuxedo + Butterscotch

Obviously I am loving the fall colors at the moment. Kind of predictable, no? And also. Does anyone know how it got to essentially be October already? It’s almost time for us to start talking about all things Halloween and holidays! Before we get carried away with all that though, I’ve got this week’s color palette for you. A seasonal pairing of tuxedo, butterscotch and kraft with just a hint of blue to keep it nice and pretty. I actually really love this color combination, which somehow feels like fall without being totally run of the mill and expected. I’m loving it for a wedding color scheme or maybe a nursery. So sweet!

Color Palette: Tuxedo and Butterscotch


[Photos, from top: Jasmine Dowling | This Gal Cooks | KT Merry via Style Me Pretty.]


10 Awesome Fall Soup Recipes

10 Awesome Fall Soup RecipesHi, friends, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I feel like some kind of grade A baby today, but I’m still feeling completely knocked out by this cold I’m fighting. Or maybe it’s the flu? It might be the flu. Whatever it is, I hate it. So today we’re going to talk about soup! Because soup is about the only thing that’s of interest to me at the moment. Soup and naps, actually. Both are equally awesome.

We know so so many people who are sick right now. Hopefully you are feeling healthy and happy this week, but if you need a little soup in your life I’ve got you covered. Click through for 10 awesome fall soup recipes - the cure for whatever ails you!


Friday Link Love

Friends! This week has been a doozy. That cold I mentioned B was battling earlier in the week knocked me off my feet yesterday and I’m still fighting it today. Behind the scenes I’ve still had deadlines to meet and organizational calls to take, lining up holiday season fun and excitement, and that’s about all the energy I’ve been able to muster. We’re traveling for a wedding this weekend so I’m planning to take a nap this afternoon and get to bed early tonight so that I’m hopefully feeling better by the time it comes to hit the road tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m not running off without loading you up on Friday Link Love! Sending you all best wishes for an awesome weekend! xoxo

DIY Fall Floral Arrangement

[DIY Fall Floral Arrangement | Photo by Hello Love Photography.]