10 Festive Ideas for Decorating with Honeycomb Balls

10 Festive Ideas for Decorating with Honeycomb Balls

Whether you’re newly engaged (congratulations!) and planning your upcoming wedding or simply want to add an extra dose of merry to your next birthday party or celebration, one of my favorite go-to party supplies are classic paper honeycomb balls. My favorite place to get them is from long-time sponsor Luna Bazaar, because they also have a plethora of amazing tissue paper pom poms, paper lanterns, honeycomb fans, and candles, all color-coordinated and waiting to jazz up your festivities in fine fashion. Later today, I’m announcing an amazing giveaway from Luna Bazaar with a prize package you’re definitely going to want to win. To get you pumped, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite ways to decorate with honeycomb balls. We’re talking a whole lot of festive going on right here, friends.

Click through for 10 festive ideas for decorating with honeycomb balls and stay tuned later today for your chance to win one heck of a giveaway!

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Color Palette: Winter Blues + Mist

Hi, friends, and happy Monday! I know you guys love a pretty color palette as much as I do so after a much too long holiday hiatus, it’s back to our weekly dose of color. This past week, things have definitely being looking all levels of blue and gray around here now that the shimmer of the holidays has worn off. We had that blizzard last week and then a weekend of heavy rains that wiped away most of the four feet of snow, leaving a whole bunch of gray ick in its wake. Today’s color palette is an attempt at spinning all of that gray and those winter blues into something pretty. Like the beach in winter. Soft and misty with streaks of pink giving everything the slightest rosy glow. It’s really quite lovely, don’t you think? I have to say, it makes the quiet of winter feel entirely wonderful.

Color Palette: Winter Blues + Mist

[Photos, from top: AMBphoto from Once Wed | Jen Huang | Chris Cornwell from On to Baby.]


Happy Friday

Hi, guys! I’m cutting out a bit early this week sans the usual link love because I’m currently with my family at the hospital waiting on my grandmother to come out of major surgery. We’re hopeful everything is going really really well, but I haven’t had the internet connectivity I was hoping for and thus rounding up links has proven a touch tricky today. That said, here’s wishing you all a beautiful weekend! I’ll be back on Monday and you can look forward to an extra dose of link love next week to make up for the absence today. Happy Friday! xoxo

Elegant Red + Gold Engagement Photos

[Photo by This Modern Romance via Elizabeth Anne Designs.]


10 Awesome (and Free) Printable Calendars for 2014

10 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Calendars for 2014

Am I the only one still trying to process the fact that it is, indeed, 2014 already? I had all these aspirations for starting the year completely with it and organized, but guess what? I think I’m still aspiring. As a list maker and note taker, a good planner and calendar always help me get the ball rolling in that department and this year I’m loving all the pretty free printable calendars gracing the internet. So, because that’s how I do, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorites! Just download the one or two (or three) that you love best, print it on paper or cardstock and away you go.

So who is ready to start working on a little organization in 2014? Fire up the printer and click through for 10 free printable calendars!


What To Wear: Surviving a Blizzard

Well, guys. We survived! Three days and more than four feet of snow later, the first official blizzard of 2014 is in the books. I’ve spent much of today doing the post-blizzard clean up. Shoveling the walk and stairs, trying to unbury my car. All the good stuff. If you’ve never been through a real all-out blizzard, I have a few survival tips for you today. First up, have a sense of humor. Your plans are going to be derailed, you’re going to literally be snowed in at your house and after a couple of days the cabin fever will start to hit. So make sure you have really really good boots if you do have to go outside, but otherwise you should probably just be lazy, watch a lot of movies and play board games. That’s pro tips right there.

What to Wear in a Blizzard

I have been bunkered down by myself and B has been in a hotel the last two nights because he wasn’t able to make it home after leaving for work on Tuesday morning. We’re talking the highways and interstates were completely shut down and stranded motorists were shacking up in fire halls all over the area. So what did I do? Why I threw on my coziest comfy pants, an oversized hoodie and kept my throw blanket close by at all times. And I shoveled. A lot. Today the sun came out and it was a gorgeous blue sky kind of day and the weekend is supposed to warm up considerably. Which is kind of a joke because between the icestorm right before Christmas and this week’s blizzard, it appears winter is having the last laugh this year. Oh well. I have plenty of yoga and pajama pants to see me through!

[What To Wear: Hoodie | Hair wrap | Sports bra | Throw blanket | Boots | Sweatpants | Mittens.]