The Weekly Dozen vol. 1

In light of my recent upgrade to my camera gear, I’ve decided to start a new little photography challenge for myself as I get acquainted and really comfortable with my new camera. Anyone up for joining me for the challenge? Say yes, say yes! The challenge, which I am dubbing The Weekly Dozen, is pretty simple. Essentially, each week I’m going to commit to carrying my camera with me as often as possible and shooting as much as I can. At the start of each week I’ll share twelve photos I’ve taken in the past week. In particular, it has been a really long time since I’ve shot manual outdoors with any regularity and it’s definitely an area where I feel my photography skills need work. So this week it was all about capturing our summery outdoor adventures!

Antique Chris-Craft | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Welcome Aboard | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion Antique Chris-Craft | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Antique Century | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion Antique Chris-Craft | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Walt's Diner | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Sam Adams Summer Ale | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion Deer Mount | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Moose River | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion The Strand | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

Summer Campfire | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion Mini Charcoal Grill | Photo by Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion

This weekend we spent Saturday wandering around Old Forge, driving through the Adirondacks and hanging out around a campfire with friends. Along the way I made sure to keep my camera handy and shoot as many photos as I could. We unexpectedly stumbled upon an antique boat show, which was all kinds of awesome. B and I spent hours checking out each and every boat, chatting with the owners and basically gazing in awe at the gorgeous wood construction of the old Chris-Crafts. I’ve not-so-secretly wanted one for years after spending my high school summers working at marina on the St. Lawrence River. They’re just so beautiful! (And incredibly expensive…a girl can dream, right?)

Want to join me in The Weekly Dozen challenge? All you have to do is make a commitment to shooting as many photos as you can each week, with the goal of improving either your photography skills or the volume of photos you’re capturing of everyday life. Shoot with your “fancy” camera or shoot with your iPhone. The goal and objective is yours to make and we’ll do it together!

  • Keep your camera handy and aim to shoot as many photos as you can each week!
  • Share your 12 favorites (The Weekly Dozen) on your own blog or Facebook page
  • Once you’ve shared your dozen, send me a tweet using the hashtag #weeklydozen with a link to your weekly collection and I’ll share images from each participant on The Sweetest Occasion’s Facebook page with a link back to your post!
  • The challenge will run through September 15

[Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]


Color Palette: Watermelon + Parchment

I definitely think watermelon is one of my favorite colors going. Something about it is just so fresh and happy! Not to mention, completely and hopelessly summery in the best possible way. Paired with neutrals like parchment and a bit of metallic copper, it can also be really darn festive. I particularly love this color palette for weddings or jazzy summer celebrations! Not to mention it’s Monday so I think we all deserve that extra dose of happy, don’t you?

Color Palette: Watermelon + Parchment

[Photos, from top: Confetti System | Laura Murray Photography via Wedding Chicks | Leslie Shewring for decor8.]


Pretty Little Things That I Love vol. 40

Knock on wood, it seems we’re finally going to get a reprieve from the unusually persistant rainy weather we’ve had lately. I can’t wait to soak up all the sunshine! Which, of course, has me loving any number of bright and summery things. From neon keychains to the perfect shade of nail polish (Essie’s The More the Merrier), I’m wanting to deck out everything in sight with a blast of cheerful color. Heck, I even want this ridiculously fun soccer ball for kicking around at the beach! Because you know it’s way cooler than the standard black and white version.

Bright Neon Things for Summer

[Shop: Bikini | patterned napkins | neon keychain | nail polish | soccer ball | earrings | stapler | flats | gin & juice tote | lip tar.]

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Recipe Favorites: Summer Pizza

10 Summer Pizza Recipes

Over the last few years I’ve become a major fan of making grilled pizza during the summer months, loading it up with all kinds of seasonal fare. I swear to you, there is no better dinner on the planet. It’s perfect for parties if you have the dough ready to go and oodles of toppings on hand for guests to dress their own pie, but it also makes for an awesome weeknight dinner. (And, of course, the leftovers are perfect the next day for breakfast or lunch!) The best thing about summer pizza is that you can get a little carried away with trying new flavor combinations. One thing I’ve learned? Fresh summery fruits like peaches, figs and strawberries are kind of amazing on pizza. And by “kind of” I actually mean “absolutely.”

Ready to indulge in a little summer pizza love affair? Click through for 10 delicious summer pizza recipes your taste buds will sure thank you for!


Recently Pinning: Festive Neutrals

Recently Pinning: Festive Neutrals

I’m not sure what it is this week, but I’m wild about neutrals at the moment. Maybe it’s this week’s real party features (here and here) that did it? Because both boast the most elegant of neutral color palettes while feeling beautifully festive and full of cheer. I’m also apparently crushing on polka dots and stars. Nothing new there! While usually I love bold, bright and happy pops of color, I have to admit that there’s something undeniably classic and lovely about neutrals. Want to see more of what I’m pinning recently? Pop on over and follow along!

[Row 1: The Glitter Guide | Always With Butter | Row 2: Kevin & Amanda | Fondly Forever via Ruffled | Row 3: You Are My Fave | Type A Press.]