Recently Pinning: The Architecture of Charleston

The Architecture of Charleston

This week it’s all I can do not to spend all of my time digging through the incredible photos of newly launched Entouriste. One of my closest friends, Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs, brought her passion for travel to life with the most beautiful new travel site, designed from top to bottom to inspire you to seek out the little corners of the world you may have otherwise overlooked. With more photos and travel guides than you can imagine and so many more to come, travel lovers need to go take a look! Naturally, I’ve been pinning all of the gorgeous images like a mad woman, but these photos from Charleston (where I traveled for the first time this past fall if you recall) have really caught my eye. See them all here. (And there are so so many.) For more of what I’ve been recently pinning, follow along on Pinterest!

[All photos by Melissa Schollaert Photography from Entouriste.]

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Loving Black White + Graphic

Over the past few years I’ve had a growing love affair with the chic, effortless look of all black and white design. Paired with a bold punch of graphic pattern? Well then you can consider me in design heaven. There’s something about this look that reads both fiercely modern and quietly classic. A flowing white dress studded with black polka dots, the perfect white typography set against black, Easter eggs decked out in good ol’ black Sharpie marker. It sincerely just does not get any better. While I don’t ever see myself decking out a whole house in this way, I love the idea of a dinner party or even just one room that strips away all the color in exchange for a little black, white and graphic love. What do you think?

Black white + graphic | The Sweetest Occasion

1: Dress by Luca Luca from | 2: Obviously Sweet | 3: Le Train Fantome | 4: Susanna Vento via Jelanié | 5: A Merry Mishap | 6: Eight Hour Day from Dribble | 7: Mormorsglamour via trendenser | 8: Joe Fresh | 9. BP & O.


Party Palette: Strawberry + Apricot

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty quiet, largely focused on starting to get unpacked and organized. Oh and I also watched a couple of oldie but goodie chick flicks. A completely acceptable way to waste away part of the weekend, I’ll have you know. So now it’s Monday and it’s time for a color palette to kick off the week! I am loving these soft, muted pastel colors right now. They kind of remind me of Neapolitan ice cream and the first whispers of spring, all rolled into one. Not a bad a combination, right? Strawberry and apricot are the stars here, and I love the look of them paired with an earthy shade of lichen. Now if only spring would actually make an arrival, we’d be in business over here!

Strawberry + apricot | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top: Julia Kostreva | Yuki Sugiura via The Foodie Bugle | Leif.]


A Few Universal Truths About Moving

Hi, guys! I’m just checking in quick today to share a few universal truths about moving. Somehow, they’re easily forgotten even if, like me, you’ve moved 11 times in six years. (Yes. You read that correctly.) So here are the three universal truths of moving, according to yours truly.


[Photo from Terrain. I want this decal!]

  • No matter how organized and prepared you are, you are neither organized nor prepared.
  • You always own way more stuff than you think. Regardless of how much you’ve donated or sold. (So if you think you should downsize from the 16′ truck to the 12′ truck, just don’t do it. I’m so glad I stuck to my guns on that one.)
  • Inevitably, you’ll go days without internet, despite your best planning. (This one is particularly true if you are a blogger or in another profession that requires constant internet connectivity.)

But you know what? Moving is also incredibly rejuvenating! (While simultaneously exhausting, no doubt.) I love the opportunity to clean, organize, sort and start fresh so I am enjoying this time of getting settled while anxiously awaiting the internet installation. I’ll pop in tomorrow with Friday Link Love and then Monday it’s back to business as usual. In the meantime, here are a few Instagram snippets of the move so far!




[Instagram photos by Cyd Converse.]


Party Palette: Craspedia + Pansy

Hi, friends. Top of the morning to ya! I’m getting a late start to the week over here, but I’m happy to report that the move is officially in full swing and I am so excited to get it all wrapped up. In the meantime, I think we should have a conversation about yellow. It dawned on me recently that yellow and I don’t have much history together. I am definitely a cool color girl by nature and usually stray away from big doses of yellow. I guess you could say it’s just not my color. That said, I wanted to come up with a yellow-centric color palette as a little challenge. Tempered with bits of pink and neutral stucco, I’m really rather loving this palette! And to prove that yellow is not totally banned in my world, one of my favorite yellow items from my desk is featured over at A Blog About Love, where Mara asked readers to chime in with the pops of yellow that are making winter a little brighter. Enjoy!

Craspedia + Pansy | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top:  Judith Geher via Oh Joy| Elle Decor France via Decorator's Notebook |  Josh Gull Wedding Photography via Ruffled.]