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Three Things: Old Pretty Kitchens | The Sweetest Occasion

Guys. I have paint in my hair. Primer under my finger nails. And a bit of project regret lingering in my gut. Ugh. So dramatic. But seriously, I have spent hours this week with paint brush and roller in hand. I’ve been tackling the living room in our new place, from walls to ceilings to trim. Literally everything needed paint. The walls had endless holes and dents that had to be patched and sanded, and numerous stains to be scrubbed and dust to be cleared. But despite the crick in my neck and the calluses forming on my hands, I am so excited about how it’s coming together. The only problem? Once one room starts looking shiny, fresh and new, the old dingy state of the others becomes even more abundantly clear. In particular, that kitchen! I can see it right now. Leering at me from the doorway of the living room in all of it’s 80s golden oak glory. Sadly, all the original character of our 1908 has long since been cleared out of the kitchen, but that doesn’t keep me from being inspired by these old, pretty kitchens where great light, a coat of white paint and functional accessories reign supreme. There are no zillion dollars renovations in these kitchens, friends. There’s simply thoughtful design, a few pretty touches and well-loved carafes, tea kettles and knives on display. Rather beautiful, don’t you think?

Here’s to the power of paint and loading up a room with the pieces you love! And to fingers crossed that I’ll have some it’s-getting-there progress photos to share with you next week.


[From top: Melissa Kaseman from Design*Sponge | Manhattan Nest | Cindy Loughridge from SF Girl By Bay.]



Hi Cyd… best blog ever! Enjoy it so much… just wanted to give you a heads up that when I try to PIN something from the actual blog, it only opens the image in a separate window. Think there may be something up with your “pin” function.

Anywho, love the posts… : )


Love the pictures! Good for you keeping your head up, and Just imagine how great and accomplished you’ll feel when you’re all done; it’s totally worth it. Hope you reach your goals soon!

Woo hoo! I think it’s always a good sign when you’re covered in paint, it means great and creative things are happening! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.


Thanks, Kat! I actually did just realize that recently myself – looking to get it fixed asap! I appreciate the heads up :-) In the meantime if you have the Pinterest bookmarklet installed on your browser that should work!


Thank you, Elle! I really appreciate the encouragement – sometimes you need it at this stage in a project. ;-) xoxo


I can’t wait to share, Chelsea! Having you guys cheering me on definitely helps, too. ;-) xoxo

oh, can’t wait to see your ready home and studio! totally strange that you’re moving, since we at hey look have all been new-home-crazy these past months. i’ve been looking for a long time to find that perfect new home for us, but so far no luck. so jealous of that place of yours!

and these kitchens are so awesome. basically exactly what i have in mind for my very own perfect kitchen.

Those photos are so cute and cozy. I like the look.

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