Got Alt?


This time next week I’ll be in full-out sensory overload, no doubt. It turns out, Alt Summit just has a way of doing that to you. In the best possible way. As I’m thinking about just how many pairs of sparkly shoes are reasonable to lug out to Salt Lake City with me, I am also super excited to be speaking with some pretty fabulous fellow panelists. Namely, Nathan Williams of Kinfolk, Promise Tangeman and Vivian Mansour of ish & chi. If you’re attending Alt, I’d love to have you attend our session or just say hi at some point during the conference! Or if you’re not attending but still want to tag along for a bit of the fun, be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds for all the week’s adventures!

{Photo from Contemporist.}



Have an amazing time! I’ve always wanted to go to Salt Lake City. Shame I can’t use this as a reason!

Yay Cyd! I’m coming to your session!


I hope to say Hello! Fun days & many pairs of sparkly shoes ahead!

exciting! looking forward to your updates on twitter :)

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