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Today I am so excited to announce a giveaway in partnership with Apartment Guide! I’ve teamed up with Apartment Guide to bring you my favorite tips for hosting a pint-sized party. Think at-home entertaining on a tiny budget with loads of style, regardless of the size of your living space or your budget. In turn, Apartment Guide is giving one lucky reader a $50 Target gift card to help you plan your own pint-sized party!

Some of my favorite ways to host a pint-sized party: 1. Serve up the perfect cheese plate / 2: Mix up a tasty cocktail / 3: Provide a little entertainment / 4: Don’t forget dessert / 5: To-go boxes for leftovers are always a hit.

Apartment Guide has long been known as the go-to apartment search site, but did you also know they have a whole host of helpful tips and sources for making your house a home? They cover everything from decorating, entertaining, organizing, and loving every inch of your pad. (For even more lifestyle tips and ideas, be sure to check out Apartment Guide on facebook, Twitter, and Google+!) On Monday, I’ll be sharing my favorite tips and ideas for hosting a pint-sized party and announcing the winner of the giveaway! In the meantime, here’s how to enter –

The Giveaway:

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I am really excited about this giveaway as I just moved into my first home! ;) I can’t wait to decorate it and a Target gift card would be such a help! I love to throw get togethers and a great tip for hosting a pint size party is watermelon with feta cheese, its a party favorite! I liked on FB and am following on Twitter: @chicgiselle. Fingers crossed!!

Annalise N.

I love having cheese platters at parties! I think throwing in some olives or tapenade and flat bread make it even more fun. I am following on Twitter and Liked on Facebook. @fpugirl. Hope I win!!

Keep it simple when you’re hosting in a small space! Make everything available in a “family style” setting with big platters for sharing and passing. lindsey dot wheatley at gmail dot com

Flowers and floor pillows. Flowers always seem to lighten up a space and floor pillows work wonders at creating an inviting space for people to lounge when there aren’t enough chairs!

Mary C

I would love to win this giveaway – Target is my favorite place to shop for apartment items! :)

I love to host parties – and the best idea that I have had is to always have wine & cheese. It’s simple, easy and everyone enjoys it. It doesn’t have to be expensive wine – a $15 bottle of wine can be scrumptious!

I liked on Facebook.

Laura Royal

Turn “dead space” into a functional space. Use your mantel as a place to set arranged flowers or photos of the guest of honor, turn your porch into a decorated entrance to your party — just be creative!


The best part of the party is details. You don’t need elaborate decorations but small thoughtful touches. Also i like themes!

Who doesn’t love Target?? They have it all! When you know its going to be pint sized and more intimate party, you can spend a little more time on making the details a little more special. It is a lot easier to make little personalized party favors for a smaller group, and you can have more of a variety of appetizers or finger foods. Its also fun to have a designated cocktail or mixed drink to go along with your party’s theme or vibe. Good luck everyone!


I think a good party is predicated on good food and atmosphere. Having great, filling finger foods is great for a party where people are moving around and chatting. Having great, small details makes your party more thoughtful and, ultimately, more memorable. Knowing your audience and adjusting to your attendee’s needs also makes a major difference in the success of your event.

Liked on Facebook, follow on Twitter.

I would love to win this giveaway! I have liked Sweetest Occasion on Facebook, and Following Apartment Guide on Twitter! I love throwing parties and my pint size tip would be to have easy to eat finger foods, ie: proscuitto and asparagus, watermelon and feta, tiny slider sandwiches, etc. Crossing my fingers for a win :)

Did all the things you asked :)

My pint sized tip would be putting frozen berries in cheap white wine for an easy “sangria.” Frozen berries are cheaper than fresh ones and adding them to wine means you get to cheat and buy cheaper wine! Plus, super delicious! Win win! :D


yay! There is a mini-pies in small mason jars idea I’ve been wanting to try!

I love the idea of to go boxes for a party–I am definitely doing this in the future (and wish I had seen in time for my potluck tonight).

One of my favorite money-saving and space saving tips is custom cups for each person. You can either design them in advance or have them ready to label as people use them/ This lets people reuse and keep track of cups more easily, saving cups and space that inevitably gets covered with abandoned cups as people move around.

For space saving and looking elegant, I also love a tiered food tray.

Thanks for doing this!


I didn’t follow on Twitter as I don’t have a Twitter account, but I did check out the blogs & am commenting. Hope that counts!

One of my favorite ideas for a little apartment party is to use mason jars with colorful straws to serve beverages in. You can usually find these at thrift stores for super cheap, and they look really fun! I also like the idea of making a signature drink for the party — which is a great way to expand your own drink making expertise and to make the party a bit more special.


If I were hosting a pint sized party, I’d make it all about desserts.

I always make sure to have some sort of dessert no matter what size the party or how many guests I have.


Dessert is always the star of any party I plan!


My tip is to make sure furniture is arranged to guests can mix and mingle.

Jessie C.

I like bite size entrees and desserts for hosting a pint-sized party

Ellen B

Find a unique theme, prepare ahead of time as much as you can and make it fun!


I Like and Follow!

My tips for a pint-sized party… little foods like mini burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, margarita shooters — anything that makes you feel like a giant! :) I also like to clear out bigger furniture if possible and replace with chairs or pillows. You can also move coffee tables and end tables to the perimeter, cover with pillows, and use them as extra seating. It also helps to stage food platters and drink stations at different places in your home to get people to spread out and away from the kitchen!

Jessica F

I liked and followed @jfong1130… my tip is to make a lot of bite sized foods like stuffed mushrooms and sliders!

I did all of those things & my tip is to make miniature versions of big games, like twister you play with fingers!

Micaela Staheli

Love Target and all of their home decor!
I liked Apartment Guide on Twitter @MicaStaheli and on Facebook @Micaela Staheli.

Make sure to always have a yummy platter of various foods of fruits, cheeses, etc!



my tips are to make is fun and above all have great food and snacks!


i “like” the sweetest occasion on facebook (cassie k graham)


I live in 800 sq feet so I know all about ‘little’ parties. One thing I found really helpful is floor pillows!! Provides great back-up seating.

Love little parties!! I think the best thing about little parties is to just shop in your home! Its amazing what great set up can you do with the wonderful things you already have in your home! I also think customizing things like wine glasses, place settings, stuff like that really makes your guests feel special.


A good bottle of wine, fresh flowers, and good company, make for the best little parties!


Yay! For a pint-sized party, I like to have a neat way to display the silverware. Everybody needs it, so everyone will see it!
soluckyducky at gmail dot com

Lots of seating is essential! With a small space (we live in a teeny tiny, bit adorable cottage) and when we have parties we’ll pill chairs from the dining room, pill out our ottomans, all the creative seating we can to facilitate conversation! Family style or small plates are my favorite form of dining for parties: olives, cheese plate, bread, desserts, love it all! That and low music and candles-makes me want a party right now!

Melanie Atkins

Just invite closest friends so you can relax and enjoy the get together.

Amanda Galbraith

Whenever we throw a get-together, we always make sure there is plenty of seating besides the spots on our sofas (overstuffed pillows, stools and folding chairs all work well). As for food, we plate large portions on platters and cutting boards, setting them on our round table so that they’re easily reachable for all.

Melissa W

I love how you can have a little party & not have to worry about making a whole meal for everyone! Just have little things to nibble on! I have already “Liked” The Sweetest Occassion Facebook Page…I am now “Following” Apartment Guide on Twitter! :)

Finger food is perfect for pint sized parties. Use small glasses instead of bowls (they take up less space) for spreads or dips.

Tina M

I prepare cup cake or donuts for guest. easy to eat. Like The Sweetest Occasion on facebook
Follow Apartment Guide on Twitter
I Visited Apartment Guide at Moving and the Apartment Guide blog

I always freshen up for a small party with flowers, candles and casual atmosphere with appetizers set out on the table or countertop.

Candles freshen a room without being over powering and I always have puff pastry in the freezer and discount wine for casual gatherings.


My daughter and I love to give cookies in cute decorator bags tied with some kind of thank you note for coming to our party!

There are so many ways to throw a great pint-sized party. One of my favorites is personalization. If you’re hosting a dinner party, create a fun place setting for each of your guests (I always love seeing those spray painted toy animals or even something more classic and pretty like a sprig of lavender). Or, if you’re hosting a cocktail party, have a tray ready of your signature drink with personalized flags on straws or stirring sticks. Personalized details make your guests feel special! And, of course, Target is a great spot for picking up all these fun little details!

I like you on Facebook! A pint sized party for me? Lots of appetizers!


like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws


Wine and great music!

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