What to Wear: Going Bowling

This afternoon I’m taking a couple of my favorite kiddos out for a little bowling date while they’re on school break, so I basically have good old fashioned bowling fun on the brain. Don’t you remember how awesome bowling parties were as a kid? I won’t lie to you – I love rockin’ out in those Velcro-tabbed rental shoes with the classic red and blue stripes that bowling alleys are famed for loving. What’s not to love, right? Of course, a little updated bowling style never hurt anybody. The perfect skinny jeans, a great bag and a colorful blazer are perfect for a casual day out with the kids or with your fellow kids at heart.

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I wanna look this cute when I go bowling….! And if I wear those shoes, do you think I can get away with NOT wearing the alley’s clothes?? ;)


What a cute set! J’adore.

love this whole ensemble! i adore that bowling bag!


You’re thinking what I’m thinking, Rebecca! ;-)

I LOVE bowling! It’s so fun. I always surprise people when I, well, bowl well. It’s just one of those odd things I’m very good at (and rarely do I toot my own horn!).

All I can say is be careful what you wear… lanes are oily and can get on your clothing!

Cyd! I love these posts. One day I won’t be so broke, and I will look this hot and fashionable- even at a dive bowling alley! ;p


lol You and me both, Kate! ;-)

great idea- perfect compilation.

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