DIY Gift Box with Cricut Mini (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Update: Congratulations to Louise who is the winner of the Cuttlebug, provided by Provo Craft!

Hello! It’s Jenny, from Hank + Hunt, back to share one of my latest experiments in crafting tools. Recently, the folks at Provo Craft were in touch with us ladies here at The Sweetest Occasion with an offer to try out the all-new Cricut Mini. Lucky for me, I was the girl who got to play around with it! This fabulous little machine cuts out shapes so you aren’t spending hours doing so yourself. I was especially excited when I was given the tour around the Craft Room, Cricut’s own software that let’s you create personalized designs on your computer. You can even create designs from anywhere in the world (ahem…extra time at the in-laws’…) and then save them for later. Design when inspiration strikes or when you have a few minutes to spare!

The Cricut Mini hooks right up to your computer and cuts out whatever creations you make with the shapes available from the incredible selection of designs. Personally, I was blown away by the banners, party picks, and labels that you can use for all of your party needs. Of course, I wasn’t just given this machine for the fun alone, I had a challenge! Take a simple box, use the Party Picks designs and create a design that was uniquely me. Game on!

The first sheet I tried for the bunting shape. It cut out in mere seconds. I sat there, stunned. Seriously, seconds? Do you have any idea how many days of my life I have spent cutting out flags? Hallelujah! If you are anything like me, you would get this little number just for the Party Picks. There are so many more designs, too, that you just can’t go wrong. It’s incredible the amount of time this bad boy saves you!

At any rate, back to my challenge. A bunch of us were asked to create pretty little packages, which you can check out on the Cricut Facebook page here. Now, let me show you what I created.

I started with a paper mache box, assorted black and white print card stock, a piece of chunky muslin, twine, Glue Dots, double stick tape and the newest member of my craft arsenal, the Cricut Mini. Using the Cricut Mini, I picked various shapes and cut them out. It was quick and incredibly easy. After the shapes were cut, I folded them in half and attached them to twine using Glue Dots. I pre-measured my twine by wrapping my box.

To embellish my box, I wrapped the lid with chunky muslin fabric. I love this fabric because it has a thick weave and resembles linen, at a very cheap price. I placed my box lid upside down on top of a piece of fabric larger than the top. I trimmed the fabric so it was just long enough to cover the sides and wrap to the inside of the lid.

Cut a slit in the fabric to the box on each of the four corners, as shown. This will let you have neat flat corners. I put two pieces of double stick tape on top of the lid and centered it on the fabric. Then I covered each side with more double stick tape and pressed the fabric up, making sure the fabric stayed taut and smooth. Finish up with double stick tape on the inside of the box and adhere the long sides first. Trim as needed to lay flat. Then adhere the shorter sides.

You could repeat the same steps to cover the entire box, but I liked the look of just the lid being decorated. This works with any kind of fabric and any size box. You can get really creative with designs, and you can reuse these boxes year after year.

Now, that my box was done, I attached my bunting covered twine.  I only did a few to start, and then wrapped the twine on the box.  Once it was placed, I added the remaining pennant flags. I was also thinking, when I do this again, I should make a full garland, so they can hang the decoration after unwrapping.

I also used the Cricut Mini to cut some label shapes and layered them together with Glue Dots. I tied them to the box with twine.

I hope you like it! It has all of my favorite things – black and white stripes, emerald green and muslin…I love it! To get your creativity flowing, check out Cricut’s new short inspirational video. If you are anything like me, it will get you excited about craft tools, especially when they can make your life easier! I am in love with that little fox. To celebrate the launch of the Cricut Mini, see the facebook page for the mini here. Oh, and we’re giving away a Cuttlebug!

The Cuttlebug uses a special roller to emboss and cut shapes into your paper…how cool would this be for a wedding? You could emboss to your heart’s content! (You can check it out here.) What do you need to do to win? Leave a comment below and we’ll announce one randomly-selected winner. How easy is that? Happy crafting!

{Photos by Hank + Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion.}

Editor’s Note: In exchange for this review, Provo Craft provided The Sweetest Occasion with one Cricut Mini free of charge and a Cuttlebug to give away to a reader. We received no monetary compensation for this review.




Hope I win! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Oh goodness! What an awesome way to quickly create things for any event- good for those last minute touches to an otherwise amazing occasion :) Also, that Cuttlebug is amazing! I have so many ideas brewing already…

Rosy Patino

I’m in Cuttlebug love. Not only is it great to make awesome projects but it’s super cute as well. Love!!!!!


What a cute little machine! I’d love to craft-out with it!


this would be perfect for a beginning crafter like me!


I would love to win this for all our DIY projects!

I love all things mini….mini cakes, mini bunting, mini cooper, mini mouse!


I would love to win this… it’d be so handy for wedding invites!


i love cricut machines, but they have never quite fit in to the budget. this would be so fabulous to win :)

Oh my goodness gracious. If I were to win this I think I would cry of happiness.

Love love love the box and the tags! Thanks for the giveaway!


Awesome! I would love to win this!

I like this little machine! It looks like so much can be done with such a cute tiny thing.


I’d LOVE a cuttlebug! I still have a LOT of paper projects to do for my upcoming wedding. :)


This is so cool! Thanks so much! Cute box, too.

Jodie Emerton

Very cute, its what every girl needs


Awesome! I just decided to DIY my wedding invites and this would be so helpful!

What a pretty and lovely box to put a gift in ! Simple and efficient.
& the machines will pe perfect for my personnal crafting projects! That would be fabulous to win one :D

I would love to have one of these!! It’s on my Christmas list, but unlikely anyone will get one for me. I’d love to make these adorable flags as well!

Janay Nowlin

I would love to win one of these!! So wonderful!


How awesome! That would be awesome and useful to own.

Just checked out the craft room and there is some awesome stuff! I love what you’ve done in this tutorial

Awesome awesome awesome!!! A friend of mine has a Cricut for scrap booking and she absolutely loves it. I’m not much of a scrap book person, but I do love paper craft, especially when decorating for parties!


Upon getting engaged and fully immersing myself in all things wedding planning, I found my hidden passion – crafting. I am slowly amassing the tools of the trade for my one day craft room and the cuttlebug would be an amazing addition!!!!

Bianca Salmeron

WOW, what great machines!!! The Mini Cricut looks so fun, and I read up on the Cuttlebug and the reviews say its an amazing must have!! I hope I WIN!!


The cuttlebug is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I would love to win this, I’ve been needing a small machine for embossing!


I would use the heck out of this! :)


I’d love to win this!

Absolutely in love with these little flags and with this giveaway! Fingers crossed!!!

Lindsay L

I would love to win this for my sis who is starting her own wedding planner business. She crafts up a storm!


This looks awesome, love it!

Pat K

Would so love to win the Mini Cricut. I would love to try new projects! Thanks for the chance!


Love it! thanks for the giveaway!

Your box is as cute as a cuttlebug!!!


I love your little package Jenny! And I’m dreaming of all the fun ways I could use the Cuddlebug or Cricut…if I don’t win, they’re going on my holiday wish list! Thanks for sharing.

This is a great giveaway. THANKS!


How cute! And what a great tool to have!

Jamie D

could this be any more amaze balls i need that in my life immediately !!

melissa ahamad

awww this would be amazing to have. oh the possibilities :)

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Ah! I’ve been looking for something like this in New Zealand but no where stocks anything like this. And nowhere seems to ship here either! :( Would absolutely LOVE to win this!

Wow! I would love to win that cuttlebug machine…I could use it to create my daughter’s 3 birthday party stationery and my son’s baptism invitation!


this would be so much fun! Imagine the possibilities!


Wow! Now I’m totally distracted… imagining all the ways I could use this!

Ohh, I would love to win this!!


So this reminds me of the fact that growing up my mom decorated all sorts of boxes with contact paper. And now she thinks it’s tacky when I do it (I, a recent college grad with no money to pay for fancy predecorated boxes) even though it brings me warm fuzzy memories.


adding: I use wrapping paper, sometimes. Or not at all.

I don’t think she would find this tacky!


Wow…this looks so neat! Would love to have one of these!


This would make wedding stuff soooo much easier! :)


I love the idea of using it to doll up your gifts!


oh my the ideas are flowing. i could finally start all those things i keep pinning on pinterest!


would love this to use on my cricut mini cuts..hint,hint.. but whoever wins..they will love it..

Jen Richter

Great review! It’s fun to read about first time Cricut users; I felt the same way! I would love to have the chance to win the Cuttlebug; it would be such a fun tool to emboss paper! Thanks!

How did I not know about this Cricut Mini? Sounds like a wonderful tool! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win a Cuttlebug!

That Cuttlebug would be great for making things for Christmas!!! I love to make my own cards, so this would be fabulous!!!

Sue Traeger

You are very creative!! Love the idea of winning the Cuttlebug :)


Would love to add this to my crafting room! Thanks for the giveaway.


Love the ideas!

Sue Traeger

Pick me :)


Thanks for the chance to win that awesome little Cuttlebug!

I saw the launch of the mini on HSN I want one !! It will work great on applique and quilting since it cuts fabric…. I’d love to win the cuttlebug !!

Darlene Jacolik

Haven’t seen the Cricut mini. Will have to watch for it. Your box gives me some inspiration. Thanks for ideas.


Love the new look cricut is going for.


What a cute project!!! Not only that but a great list of ideas given to make future projects!! Cannot wait to see what you all make next :)

Denise P.

That looks wonderful! I love it! Cant wait to try it with christmas coming! :) Thanks for the idea! So Sweet and simple!


Sandpaperxsilk -at-


Awesome giveaway! I really hope I win the cuttlebug! Wahoo!

Pedro N.

This looks great! Great gift!

Pedro N.


I love my Cricut! So much I have two! I love trying new things. I am a grandmother of 3 princesses. I scapbook my darlings, this would be so helopful!


I love that package plain to great with some simple flag thanks so much!!!


There are so many neat things for scrapbooking I so would love to win this Giveaway Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

brenda moss

The Mini looks great. It would be great to be a winner. Love your creations.

victoria welch

i would love to win lost all my food for thanksgiving & more the refg & frezzer broke down am thank full what all i have would be nice to win

Dorothy Quick

love to have one I have 5 great grandkids I could make things for them


My hubby just ordered the Cricut Mini when HSN had it on. I can’t wait to play with it!Love your box-cant wait to make Christmas boxes!


I would love to win it!! Thanks for giving it away!!


I always forget how many amazing things you can do with a Cricut other than just scrapbooking. I need to start doing some more of these awesome projects!

Hollie Hastings

I would love this for my daughter’s upcoming wedding!

Linda Clement

What a cute giftbox.


I ordered the cricut mini on HSN, and Im actually waiting at my home right now for UPS to deliver it to me tonight! The cuttlebug sounds fun too!!

I’m in the Uk but would absolutely love this so if you are willing to post to the UK then I would love to enter! My wedding is July next year and I want to start crafting asap!
Rachie xo

Eeeee! I love this giveaway!


I am a Cricut fanatic! I have the Create and the Impression, love them both and still us them. I would love to have the Mini because it’s smaller and wouldn’t take up so much space. :-)

Oh how I could use that Cuttlebug right now for some Christmas cards. That thing looks really cool and would love to emboss with it!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

And btw…Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE! Gobble gobble…


I am a Cricut fanatic! Love them all! Keep bringing out these top of the line products please!


I would love the Cuttlebug. So many crafting possibilities. Thanks

I actually ordered the Cricut Mini when it debuted on HSN last week and I can’t wait to receive it. This blog post made me that much more happier about receiving my special package!


Oh how I love cuttlebugging!


A Cuttlebug! Wow, I would love one of these!
Thank you!

Melissa Raulston

Love everything Cricut but am still missing a Cuttlebug! Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Love that you have incorporated fabric with your project. Would love to have a Cuttlebug to call my very own. Thanks for the chance.


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the Cuttlebug!! I love to craft!!

wendy ohart

I love my cricut…really need a cuttlebug!!


I think this would be fantastic for a beginner, to start practicing with! I’d love it!


I am a Circut fanatic! I have the cricut mini and expression. I want the cricut expression 2. Well you can’t have everything. I would love to win a Cuttlebug. :) Have a great Thanksgiving.

Jamie Larsen

What an awesome project… I never knew how to properly make a banner for scrapbooking or cards until now thanks so much!! and thanks for the chance to win.

Vicky Morgan

Love the Cricut and the newer Cuttlebug is toooo adorable!

Rikki-Dee Flora

I would so love a cuttlebug. Your box idea is so cute.

Lindsay Meng

I Love this chance to win a CuddleBug !!! It’s on my Christmas list this year ♥ Happy Thanksgiving !


Ohhhhh man I have to try this little box. It’s so pretty. Thanks.

Nicole Lorentzen

Thanks for the chance to win, I’ve always wanted a Cuttlebug!

Just opened my Mini Cricut. Will be playing tomarrow…
Dawn RI


The cuttlebug looks fantastic!

Tricia Gall

I love the cuttlebug and have been wanting one for so long!!!!!!

Lisa V

This would be a nice thing to add to my craft room, sitting next to my brand new Cricut Mini! YAY!

so cute! thinking about all the pretty little things it can make makes me go ahhhhh. :)

How neat would that Cuttlebug be for kid’s incentives?? We homeschool and I can think of so mnay great thing that could be used for!!


Looks like a fun new toy for the holidays!


If I win it would be a gift for someone special to me.

Thank you

Sue Cooley

This would be so much fun to play with!

The Cricut mini looks nice for travelling – I never understood why it was 8.5 x 12 and not 8.5 x 11 ? My cuttlebug is one of the old ones, and I have put it through its paces many a time and have never been disappointed with it. I’d like to say if I won the new CB, I’d give it to a friend, but I would keep the new one and give my friend my current one.


This would be perfect to use for our DIY elements for our wedding!! Would love to win!

Shanda Harrington

What a fun giveaway. Thanks!

I like the Cricut mini, I don’t do alot of paper crafting so this would be better for me than the larger system. I really want a die cutter though and the Cuttlebug is in the running for the one.

Donna U

Enjoyed the project – thank you for the giveaway!


Would love this! We love our Cricut! So much!!! We love trying new things.

Darcelle Carlson

Wow! looks like a lot of fun to be had!

I love this machine. Any girl would love love love to win it!

Juanita Braun

Such a great project! The cuttlebug is a MUST have.

Crystal Carawan

The Cuttlebug would be perfect for my daughters. They would absolutely love it.


Ooh, I would love to win this one! :)

That’s a fabulous little box!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I’d love to win one!


Love what you did with the mini and little box too! My mini arrived earlier today but I haven’t been able to tear open the box just yet :( – counting the minutes till I get time to myself for some CREATING! Would love the Cuddlebug.


I just got the expression 2 when it first came out and amazed at what it can do. I love how the possibilities are endless. I need more time for crafting!

Sharon Weinreb

Cuttlebug and Cricut mini make a great pair. I’d love to try these out!

Great machine! and takes small space. And I love to win a cuttlebug, thanks for the chance.


I love my cricut machine. Cricut mini would be nice because it is much smaller and it would be much easier to take with me anywhere. I travel with my machine to my sister’s house to work on projects with my niece. We always have fun working on craft projects.

Amy Nielsen

I love this project! Can’t wait to try it!

Diane Williams

Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful machine!

Ooo, I would love to win one of those! We’re newly engaged, and would definitely use it a lot for our upcoming wedding next July! :)

I have been wanting one of these for ages!

Mine arrived yesterday from HSN!! So excited! Plan to get it going today!!


Can I still enter? I would LOVE one of these! :) I promise to share.

Andrew Bibeau

What a great prize to win! Thanks!

Cathy Richter

Great project! Would love to win. :)

Savanah Macaulay

The cuttlebug would be so fantastic for making things for my best friend’s new baby’s room! I would love to win it :)

Jessica Thiessen

What a great giveaway! I would absolutely love the Cuttlebug! Thanks :)


What a fantastic machine! It seems so perfect and time saving!

Jennie Lee

Thanks for showing us the ease of use for the mini. I am starting to get tempted to buy one. Thanks for the chance.


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