An Ice Cream Break

I’ve been home with family much of the last two weeks, sitting vigil at the hospital where my nearly 87 year old grandfather is putting up one good last fight. It has been so nice to be able to spend this time together as a family, but we’re all starting to grow weary. I think an ice cream break may be in order this evening. Doesn’t this homemade dark chocolate ice cream look just perfectly delicious?

{Photo by Pick Yin.}



Hang in there, Cyd! I think ice cream is good for the soul, so yes! I say share some ice cream with your family and know that you’ll get through it.

amy - thank you cards shop

aww cyd – sorry to hear this. i hope you guys do get a nice ice cream break tonight!

I’ll be thinking of you. Have been doing similar.
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Divine. And thanks for the link to the recipe.

Hang in there and glad you are able to enjoy your family
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